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Q: I work with a financial services company in Europe and this company has old fashioned techniques and I would like to increase my sales by having a great heart-pumping corporate video production like the one you had here. What is the next step to be take please?

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A: The right corporate video production can make a big difference to clients as there are two things the client needs to know about you that communicate effectively through video.

These two things are:

> Can I trust you?

> What can you deliver me?

Corporate video production to build trust

In financial products sales, trust is created by your professionalism. It underpins everything you recommend to your client.

A corporate video production that reflects this professionalism will obviously help to build the trust needed to make a new client feel comfortable signing up with your company.

A key video production feature that will create the atmosphere of trust is music.

While a video voiceover or presenter person can tell the client what you deliver in terms of money benefits, music works at the feeling level and will help build confidence in the hearts of potential customers.

The right music track is like a soundtrack to a movie, in that it emotionally reflects the qualities shown at each stage of the sales message.


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For example:

> When the video message is suggesting personal things such as confidentiality and discretion, the music evokes these feelings in a safe trusting way.

> And when the video message encourages the client to take a leap and sign up with you, the music will instil confidence and energy.

Hopefully what you can see is that the right script allied to the right music will generate the feeling level of trust and confidence needed, from the subtle to the heart-bursting.

To get the right music you need to commission a score. This isn’t horrendously expensive, and is very effective.

Here is an intro to corporate video production examples and styles

Corporate video production to show what you deliver

Like most financial services groups you offer a range of services from mortgages to personal investment plans to pensions and insurance, to corporate planning.

A video can sail through all these features far easier than a person in the flesh explaining it.

It looks glamorous to see a comprehensive range of services on offer, never lingering for long on any single service, but rather showing the full scope and capability of what’s available.

Showing the depth of your services builds confidence in clients’ minds.

When you add to this some key data about important achievements you’ve delivered for other clients, you can see how the trust-and-confidence picture gets built up.

Graphics play a large part in this. Stylishly animated charts and figures that are easy to understand and easy to remember look impressive, as well as visually demonstrate what is delivered.

Corporate video production sales benefits

The right corporate video production will make your client excited.

Being excited will make them ask you questions, to share their problem.

This is exactly what you want.

In fact it’s crucial as you need them to share their problem first for your products and services to take on any real meaning.

Another useful but often forgotten feature of using corporate video production as a part of the sales process is the “Relaxing Factor”.

When you go to visit a potential client, it’s nice to sit down and watch TV together. It’s easy to do, and never creates any problems.

And while the client is watching the screen and listening to your message, you’ve a better chance to weight them up at close quarters, which can only help.

When the video is finished playing, it’s very easy to ask “what part of the video interested you the most?”

An open-ended question like this will get them talking – talking as a client to a trusted adviser rather than as a complete stranger.

For these reasons and others, the financial services sector has long been a user of corporate video production. Please feel free to write back of you have more queries.

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