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Q: We need to produce a corporate video highlighting the benefits of our products. We’d like a blu-ray for showing at exhibitions, but we’d also like to be able to include it in sales emails, and also to stream on our website.

Our previous corporate video was 9 minutes, but we think this is too long, and we’d now like 2 minutes. Is the possible?

Because the video is viewed by email it has to have immediate impact – shock and awe.

What resources will I need for this sort of corporate video production?

Managing Director
South East UK

A: Corporate video productions with this specification are a sign of the times. In 2008 the blu-ray and email internet options would have been missing, with DVD as the main requirement, plus “maybe some web streaming”.

Things changed over the years in the corporate world up to 2009, so today in 2010, blu-ray video is on the agenda along with email video and, strikingly, you make no mention of DVD. I also suspect/predict that by 2012 the blu-ray disk will be gone, replaced by flash drive/card or usb memory stick for the big event audience with large screen and big quality image. Let’s watch for this development.

But moving on: Reducing video runtime from 9 minutes to 2 minutes is wise.

A corporate video is very impactful and can frequently promote effectively in a tight 2 minute time frame. Knowing that web and email viewers can and do switch off after a couple of minutes forces the video marketer to closely scrutinise the words of the business marketing message and develop a much tighter, harder working script that is:

  • free of creative flannel
  • attempts to educate the audience
  • pretensions to being television

and yet is still full of creativity and engagement, and is likely to be talked about on facebook, or posted on social media.

I personally welcome this.

But alongside script brevity, a high standard of video editing and post production is required to ensure the corporate video has impact wherever it’s played, which may be as web and email small screen, or large overhead blu-ray projector screen.

Graphics, animation and captions are vital to clearly deliver bullet points, while good music audio and voiceover mixing are essential for the video production to have punch.

If anything, higher standards if professionalism are needed than ever before, to ensure maximum impact. Unless of course you want the kind of homemade-by-managers business video that appears on youtube or vimeo!

Nonetheless, filming on location has to be to-the-point, and well-planned in advance, to avoid wasteful camera shots that take time, add to the video cost, and clutter the workflow of the video studio editor. Using lightweight filming equipment helps here.

There’s no substitute for careful precise shoot planning, and best use of film crew and shoot team. And this is free. It just requires some thought.

Shorter shoots and better planning reduces corporate video costs. There’s no question that this approach this delivers, whatever your industry niche.

You need to ensure your corporate video production company can discuss of web and email streaming, as well as provide blu-ray (and maybe even offer a DVD?!)

Your corporate video producer will advise you on this.

Here is a wealth of information on marketing video production

My last thought for producing shorter corporate videos is to use a professional script writer – not just someone who can write with a passable hand, but also understands your business, and can communicate and add value to your video ideas and suggestions.

Corporate video production for email, web and blu-ray is a sign of the times.

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