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Q: A corporate video needs producing for a major company event we’re holding in mid-october 2011.

It needs to be about 2 minutes long and tell the highlights of our company success story on a giant screen.

We have only static pictures available, but would appreciate an animated presentation/video with a bit of ‘drama’, music and voice.

We have the written down the story which would have to be shortened and streamlined.

Marketing Executive Assistant
International Engineering Manufacturer

A: Corporate video production for a single industry event is a relatively expensive business.

I’d initially advise that whatever video you produce for your conference/exhibition, ensure it can be “recycled” as a web video for your website, and also used in face to face laptop sales meetings – as well viewed in future events.

This will extend your corporate video’s effective life as a promotional tool by a couple of years, maybe even to 2014 or 2015 – well beyond the original conference event.

The Corporate Video Production Process

Please let me describe the production process for your corporate video presentation.

It starts by taking your text and scripting it down to around 250 words, which is about 2 minutes.

This is a productive process, as it enables you to focus your message more accurately – and more clearly – on what your audience want to hear – as much as what you want to tell them.

A good professional scriptwriter will be able to do this fairly easily.

Once developed, and you’ve amended and approved your video script, the next stage will be to storyboard it.

Stage one of this process is to take the images you’re providing, and carefully match each image to each phrase and sentence of the script.

This simple creative process forms the backbone of your corporate video.

To each phrase or sentence a caption needs to be creatively added.

This gives both parties, client and corporate video producer, a chance to see an overall view of the graphics and imagery that will be used to tell your story – the story of your brand.

It’s important that this is all well-managed and hangs together, before all the clever motion graphic video and effects stuff starts.

You should be able to view the whole storyboard as a visual document showing the voiceover text, captions and images side by side – like a book of the movie – complete with your pre-selected music track.

Since you won’t need any filming, this is your complete storyboard.

It’s also easier to produce a corporate video without a shoot, and organising actors, camera operators, directors, lighting, audio kit, additional locations for client testimonials, extended communications, and so on.

You can view a corporate video production in the animated graphic style here

And obviously there’s a big cost saving when shooting is not required – think travel costs, subsistence costs for the crew – as well as your time spent supervising.

Because your corporate video contains more certainties and less work, then you’re more sure of a great quality result that costs less.

Once in the studio, everything hinges on having a professional editor with a high levels of motion graphic skills to post produce your video, especially the timeline history of your business, to create something special.

It would be wise to check the editor’s CV or portfolio, as their experience and capability is central to the look and feel of your video production.

Regarding video delivery: While you might want a blu-ray for showing your corporate video on a large screen at your exhibition event, you may prefer a True HD 1080 mp4 video file for playing from a laptop either to a projector or video tv wall – or for playback in later sales situations.

You’ll probably need a new video codec for this, which can be downloaded.

You can also upload your video file to youtube and vimeo. You may also want a smaller mp4 or wmv when offering your new corporate video production to clients (think USB stick). Or even to make web commercials.


To produce a corporate video for a conference presentation using only stills:

  • Produce a detailed visual storyboard first
  • Because you don’t need a video shoot, the cost is kept down
  • Pick a senior editor and a skilled animatied video team to work with.
  • Opt for Blu-Ray and HD264 mp4 technology, rather than DVD.

Getting more value and longer life from your corporate video production is central to your solution.

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