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Q: My objective to take our products and services to the next level. A new corporate DVD it will help in promoting the company but also help our client champion promote us internal within their own company.

Business Development Manager
Waste Management Systems Company

A: Corporate videos always look best with a highly visual topic or theme, and waste management is one of those topics.

There’s a story to tell here, a flow of events that starts with the origination of the waste, moving to the interface between your services and the people who generate the waste, all the way up to the safe disposal of waste, and the environmental and duty of care implications this contains.

Using corporate video to communicate will put a face on a service that is largely unseen, and not well understood or appreciated.

Putting a face on your service will put a face on your company.

It’s true that buyers, particularly those at council and local government level, will always buy on price when it comes to support services, such as waste management and disposal.

But when buyers have to make a choice between 2 or 3 keenly priced competitors, then a corporate video will give an edge as it puts a face on your service, amking you more recognisable.

For example, video will show how you interface with communities, with real people – and how you improve the quality of their lives.

Video will also show with great clarity how your disposal services are environmentally safe, with low impact on the surrounding community and flora & fauna – and the science you employ to support this.

Corporate video can emphasise your existing partnerships with bodies like the Environment Agency, or key councils, thus presenting you as a wise choice to the buyer. It can also visibly show your awareness of a client’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) agenda.

There’s information here on different styles of corporate video

By producing a corporate video you have the opportunity to tell a story that draws together all the strings of the service you offer into a fascinating and watchable mini-documentary.

A mini-documentary is also the type of video that your client Champion can show around to their colleagues, as it’s intrinsically interesting.

A quality DVD production with professional scripting, shooting, editing and post production should result in a story that anyone would be proud to tell.

It won’t reduce the price at your tenders, or make your competitors any less fierce. But it will tell a compelling story about you, and why so many other buyers have selected you as their waste management partner.

Documentary corporate videos are one of the most credible of corporate videos as they focus on a story and facts, with pictures that make it hard to deny.

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