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Q: We’re thinking of putting together a corporate video to overview our production facilities and company in general.

The idea is to allow customers to view it on our website and to provide it to select customers on DVD / USB Stick.

The production needs to be slick, to the point but comprehensive. I appreciate that this includes a lot of work that we will need to do on our side to achieve this.

I have personally never directed / used video techniques before so I need all the advice I can get!

We are a manufacturer and provider of industrial network computer products.

What do you advise?

Marketing Manager

A: Your corporate video question can be answered in a number of stages.

Use of Graphics

It’s immediately obvious that your corporate video will need animated graphics to illustrate the network solutions you provide, and to show they extend and grow.

You could further develop the graphic idea to show your network products being attacked by water, heat, cold, movement, etc, showing how tough they are as tools.

Highly visual graphic messages like this automatically imply a high quality manufacturing and production process, and confer a lot of credibility.

Shooting a Marketing Video in a Factory

How does one shoot imaginatively in a manufacturing plant?

The main issue is light, as factories are dark places as far as video is concerned.

To solve this, you need lots of lights. Among standard video lights are:

> 2,000 watt professional Arri lights

> 600 watt professional Red Head lights.

If you can deliver 3,000-5,000 watts of light onto your shop floor, you’ll make it and your equipment look brilliant, clean and inviting.

You’ll need to arrange with your electricians to provide the film crew with enough power supply for their 13 amp square pin connections.

In addition to factory-scale lighting, you’ll need colour gels to tint some of the lights.

For example, to create an “imagey look” on the shop floor, one of the lights could be yellow, particularly in a darker or dingy area.

For example, in your design office, a touch of green or red light in the corners will make it look more high tech and intelligent. It’s all in the electronics!

Skillful use of lighting and colour is what makes industrial premises (and their management) look more like new!

Take these lighting ideas a stage further:

Once the shoot is over, as a part of studio post production, your footage can be colourised, slo-mo’d and tinted to give it an overall visual theme, just like TV ads do.

It’s a bit like adding Photoshop to video!

The overall effect of this technology is to give character to your premises – slickness and credibility.

Getting the Factory Video Message Right

The keywords for any manufacturing video production are Brevity, Style, and Bigness

This what today’s busy manager wants. Be relevant and get to the point.

Don’t huff and puff on your life story, just show what you deliver.

This is essential for companies trading in today’s marketplace. No style = no deal

The appearance of bigness is essential to beat larger competitors. You have to raise your profile.

A well-produced and great looking corporate video will create this image for you

The commonest mistake manufacturers make is to lose sight of what the customer wants, ie, what you deliver.

So it follows that the most important message to communicate (and one that many miss) is to show what you deliver.

For example:

> If you show a production line then … control of our production capability means we can deliver inside 24 hours from stock

> If you show a design team then … we design and customise to your plant, your business.

> If you show a friendly customer being walked around the premises then … because we listen attentively, we add value to your specification at every opportunity.


I’d imagine that all your plant could be filmed and shot inside a day with a director and camera operator. So budget-wise your corporate video production won’t break the advertising budget.

Where you should allow extra though is for animated graphics.

Graphics will not only show how your systems fit and grow, but also how tough and long lasting they are.

For this you’ll need to budget extra, but it’ll be worth it because clients will quickly grasp what your superior method and product line offers.

Internet delivery, DVD for events & shows, and wmv for usb stick should all be included as part of the price of your corporate video.

© Studio Rossiter 2009

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