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Q: We’re an international construction group and we’re reviewing producing a new corporate video.

We are looking for something that is as ‘multi-functional’ as possible, i.e. that we can play:

In reception on continuous loop

At trade / recruitment fairs

At internal and external conferences

For clients as part of a ‘capability’ statement

So I think it should focus on:

Our history including 40 years around the world

Our parentage

Our prestigious portfolio of successfully completed projects

Our ongoing projects

Our people (training, safety, accommodation, transport, etc.)

Vision and Values

Leading up to our corporate slogan

What can you suggest?

Marketing Director
Construction Group

A: Corporate video for an international group means one thing. No voiceover or captions, or you’ll run into masses of translation costs.

This video has to run as footage set to music, unless you really want to see it translated into 19 languages.

It should focus around the use of buildings, which is a simple visual concept that everyone worldwide can relate to.

Take a low key approach for your corporate video, and don’t try to impress.

Having decided that, things become a lot simpler.

Since it’s to being set to music, you don’t want a marketing video more than 2-3 minutes long at the most, which means it’ll be suitable for your website as well as front your corporate powerpoints. You might also consider a 60 minute version.

There are a number of marketing video productions and information set to music, although their style is maybe too upbeat and salesy for a multifunctional group corporate video with international ramifications.

Here’s how I’d suggest starting:

> Identify your smartest most recognisable buildings, the ones that represent the best of the group

> Identify malls or public areas where there are lots of pedestrians and the public.

> Do this again, but in the Middle East and other geographical areas where the population have a distinct appearance and you have a strong presence

> Look at your 3d animation fly-throughs for buildings that are still on the drawing board, but are soon to become world (or local) landmarks

Now shoot all these places, and edit them together into a big soup. Perhaps we should say “flowing seamless pastiche” rather than big soup!

Use tasteful effects, but don’t overdo it. A good 16;9 window will look great on a website or video wall with the addition of thoughtful post production.

Commission a new soundtrack, something very tasteful and not too rushed that represents modern life. Look for a calm effect that soothes and engages, rather than a blastingly trying-to-impress approach. This is all low key, and the better for it.

Edit the pastiche images to the music.

Visually build the central visual theme around people (all different nationalities) and the use of buildings, showing large public spaces full of people (which denote the scale of your operations).

Ensure you show a few but not many of your own hard hat personnel engaged in a safety or training activity. But don’t make it a hard hat production. Stick to building users.

The net result should be a quite posh and interesting, and certainly very watchable. It should quietly impress without appearing to try.

It’ll be mostly about people, but discreetly show many of your landmark buildings. And it will be international.

A corporate video for a construction group is quite unlike any other. Hope this helps.

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