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Q: Do you know of a good conversion tool for converting a Powerpoint presentation into a DVD? We have tried a number of software applications and none are producing a good-quality DVD.

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A: Camtasia will do the job for you.

It records what is seen on screen which you can then output to flash, DVD, wmv or mpeg.

DVD output comes as full motion video for best quality. I’ve done this, and can verify it works.

There’s a lot of flexibility on offer too.. For example, you can click through your powerpoint at the exact timing you require, while it’s being recorded.

Here are examples of presentations published as online video These samples could just as easily have been published as DVDs at DVD quality.

You can also dub-in voiceover if you wish, by recording with a microphone directly into your PC while the powerpoint is playing. All you do is plug in the mike, start the powerpoint, and press Record, and talk-through your presentation.

If you make an error while reading your voiceover script, you can also edit it later in Camtasia.

You can even go so far as recording yourself making the presentation using your webcam, which Camtasia will record as picture-in-picture.

The downside is that Camtasia isn’t cheap at $299. But it’s certainly a lot cheaper than making your own videos from scratch. And possibly you might qualify for an educational or government discount which can reduce the price quite a bit.

I think anyone who owns good quality powerpoints could benefit from converting them to DVD, so go for it.

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