Conference presentation ideas needed in 2 weeks

Q: I’m holding a conference in 2 weeks and I need my presentation to look great.

I don’t want to stand there with a picture hanging on the wall behind me.

What do you suggest?

Managing Director
HR Industry

A: Two weeks is hardly enough time to produce a conference presentation, so you need a quick and dirty solution.

Find a strong picture theme that represents the message you’re trying to get across. You can locate pictures like these from a number of online photostock libraries. iStock and Shutterstock are both good places to start, though you can google for more if you want.

Aim for a fresh picture with each slide. Or better still, a fresh picture with each bullet point.

There are lots of interesting themes you can view online and these won’t cost a great deal compared with the value of a successful conference to you.

Having a better presentation will also inspire you do better when you’re up there on stage.
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