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Q: I’m interested in using a video ad on my website but I have a number of concerns. How do I know the message will be the right one? How do I know the images you select will be suitable? How do I know the video ad will fit my web page? How do I know a video ad really will make my web pages work better? Confused but keen to hear your reply.

Marketing Manager
Isle of Man

A: Video Ads are a new concept in web video production so it’s not surprising there are business managers with concerns.

But we do already know that in 2009, the whole shift in the web is about making landing pages convert better, since it costs so much in AdWords click fees to get them there in the first place.

By comparison, web video in previous years was much more sedate, and more about making a page impressive, informative or interesting, or giving added credibility to a company or their style of management.

So now we’ve arrived at the Video Ad, the solution to reducing page bounces and increasing conversions. It’s a whole growth platform.

With this useful background information to hand, let’s look at what a Video Ad offers, and how we resolve our writer’s concerns.

A Video Ad is a 30 second web video designed to make it easy for visitors to quickly understand the purpose of the page, ie, get the message, and fast!

You can learn more about short web video specifications and details here 

It’s also worth remembering that Video Ad production isn’t a complicated affair. You don’t need to negotiate campaigns and brands with tv networks, or ask permission from publishers, or get twitter people blogging comments and posts on your behalf, have facebook links, go viral on youtube, or have an iphone video ad version – or any of the encumbrances that today’s media insist we need in order to compete in the internet world.

How do I know the message will be the right one?

In 30 seconds you can only say about 50-70 words.

So it’s very easy see if the script is off the mark, or irrelevant in some way.

Scrutinising each line of a 50-70 word Video Ad will quickly reveal any flaws or distractions from the key call-to-action product or service message you want your users to receive..

How do I know the images selected will be suitable?

All images are from high quality professional subscription libraries.

They’re presented to you as an illustrated storyboard, prior to studio production.

If you don’t like an image, then indicate this. Or provide a more suitable image from your own in-house company picture library.

How do I know the video ad will fit my web page?

Specify the exact pixel dimensions you require and your video ad will be delivered to you as a flash video file .flv in the exact size your specify, complete with a free console player. No multiple formats, download or size issues here!

Or indicate which page the video ad is required for and it’ll be developed to a suitable size to fit.

Also remember that flash video files can have their viewing window resized when posted, so they’ll always fit whatever you need.

How do I know a video ad really will make my web pages work better?

This is the $64,000 question. But not really.

Creating and delivering a Video Ad is the closest you can get to having a salesperson standing in front of the customer delivering your key call-to-action message, at a relatively low cost.

Put another way: Do you think bold text headlines on a web page are better than a powerful short video? Thought not.

Every client site is different. Some use split testing of their landing pages, using web reports to measure how much more effective it is. Other clients just keep ordering more Video Ads because it’s obvious that they’re better. You choose.


If you’re paying large sums every month for adwords then you have to consider Video Ads, even if only to reject the idea.

It’s quite right to have concerns.

But at the end of the day, it’s common sense that a short web video will reduce bounces and increase conversions.

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