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Q: We’re interested in making use of web video to provide to corporate clients.

We are looking to make a 5-10min interview video for our website, similar to the one at

How would you advise going about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Marketing Manager
Investment Broker
City of London

A: Direct-to-Web corporate video is important in your industry sector, especially in the competitive financial marketplace of the City of London.

Video will convey the common sense and practicality of investment management far better than dusty dry words on a web page.

And “YouTube-ing” your website will create a more go-ahead impression.

It’s not difficult to produce a corporate video similar to the link you supplied, but I’d aim at going for a more professional look.

While the subject in the supplied video projects well, which is important, you could do it with more style, and more directness.

Using a teleprompt will allow the speaker (maybe your CEO?) to look directly at the camera which is more powerful. A pre-arranged script could then be prepared, ensuring the address covered every content point, and nothing was forgotten.

For the subject, reading off a teleprompt is easier than hoping to get it “all right” when undergoing a fake interview.

With a teleprompt, repeated takes can also be done so that the emphasis can be delivered with just the right tone throughout.

I’d also recommend shooting against green screen.

This will allow the subject to be dubbed against a corporately styled graphic background, similar to CNN. I feel this looks more professional and convincing than simply interviewing in a brown-and-beige looking office.

Cosmetic post production is easier this way too.

For example a subject can be made to look younger or their teeth or complexion improved. This technique is much more effective when the background is a graphic rather than a real room. This is because the best settings for facial enhancement can coincidentally make a room look slightly wrong. With a corporately styled background this doesn’t matter.

There’s more info here

Here’s a sample corporate video specification for direct-to-web that you can put out to tender:

> Up to 500 words / 5 mins runtime

> Professional script & storyboard assistance

> Teleprompt to ensure smooth delivery (no ums and ahs)

> Shoot against Green Screen so the speaker can be later dubbed against a corporately styled virtual studio background (like CNN News). This looks much more professional than a brown-and-beige office

> Camera operator with broadcast camera, wide angle lens and tie mikes, for 6 hours at your City of London premises to shoot speakers and background

> Video badged in your corporate style

> Captions and titles included

> Post production to cosmeticise speakers and premises

> Shot in widescreen

> Delivery as flash video ready to be cut and pasted to your website by your web designer

Expect tender prices to differ as not all corporate video production companies will have a teleprompt, and will charge more if they have to hire one.

Similarly, some will tender without offering a wide angle lens. But you want this as it makes the subject look better in the frame.

You also want script assistance as a professional script writer will ensure your prepared script is flawless for video projection.

Last but not least you need a company experienced in shooting chief execs in this way. There’s an art to getting the best performance out of a subject talking to camera, and experience counts here.

It’s a smart move for an investment manager to use direct-to-web video, a move that will outflank slower City competitors.

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