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Put simply, A web video is produced specifically to go on a website – whilst a corporate video may have other uses, like for presentations or business conventions.

Both tend to have different price structures.

So how do you tell the difference between the two?

What are the unique features of both types of video?

Unique features of a corporate video

A corporate video tends to be B2B in its style – though it can also be B2C.

The main audience of a corporate video is a business one – so it’s usually shown in convention type presentations – either played on its own or through an application like PowerPoint.

It’s normally around 5 minutes in length and is not solely dependant on graphics and animations.

By that I mean parts of it are actually filmed.

The filming of a corporate video can involve:

> Actors playing characters

> Employees being themselves – by being recorded in a fly on the all kind of way

> Interviews with the management

> Recorded client testimonials

Or all of the above.

This make the average corporate video more expensive than the average web video – but it’s worth the extra investment in order to ensure your business message reaches your business audience in the right way.

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Unique features of a web video

A web video is just for the web – something welcoming to put on the homepage your website. 

It’s usually dependent on:

> A voicevoer

> Titles or motion typography

> Animation

> Infographics

> and Motion Graphics

And it’s more shareable 


And – most of the time – it’s cheaper to make than a corporate video as:

> It’s not as long

> And it often doesn’t require any filming.


When to use a corporate video and when to use a web video

A web video is ideal for B2C marketing campaigns – you can direct the customer to your website and let it impress.

If you want something short, catchy and relatively inexpensive – then you should choose a web video.

For B2B situations – especially for convention like events that require a presentation – then a corporate video is the best option.

What it really comes down to is your audience – and whether or not it’s made up of customers or business people.

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