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Can you produce overseas?

Q: The company I work for asked me to research for the right production company that should make our corporate video. We have a holding in the packaging industry (and we still don't have a corporate video!): dairy, confectionery and bakery, convenience food.
Is it possible to receive on DVD or web format some sample videos that you produced that could give me an idea of the kind of work you do?

I kindly ask you if you can send samples please asap.

Thank you very much in advance,

Marketing Consultant
Packaging Group

A: With video streaming, videoconferencing and email all now available, producing video for an overseas company isn't that difficult.

We started producing our first videos for overseas organisations in 2005 and found it all went very well.

We flew over to see one client, while the other required no travel at all. Both projects worked out equally well.

Developing scripts and storyboards via Videoconferencing is a great experience. The sense of striving for the best possible script, and the feeling of team bonding was palpable, even though we separated by thousands of miles. Months later when I met one of the CEOs in-the-flesh I felt I already knew him!

Producing overseas still requires the same level of professional discipline as UK-based work. Probably more as the language has to match perfectly.

Shooting premises in another country is be carried out using a local camera operator who can read an english-translated storyboard, and work from a telephone briefing. Most can. A good professional who's experienced in corporate work and has english as a second language knows how to work like this. And they'll be cheaper than air freighting an English Camera Op!

We also use lots of existing stills and library footage, which many companies have a good stock of, or stills at the very least.

As some of you will know, our corporate video and multimedia presentation styles often don't depend on live footage, as it's a unique style we've developed ourselves in-house. It's based around text, animation and custom-written music. Samples of this style can be found here  and also here

For European companies, the Euro buys quite a lot of pound notes, so exchangewise we're good value. US companies pay more as the dollar is weak. But our prices still compete favourably with local companies downtown.

So if you like our marketing style of corporate productions, get in touch and see what we can work out. Please see our International Video page for more info

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