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Q: We are interested in having a corporate video created for primarily sales meetings purposes, but that would also be used (possibly in another version) at trade shows, in reception and on our website.

2-3 minutes long and would include testimonials from customers, a few words from our CEO, filming our production facility near London, and a couple of sites we’re we have installed our equipment.

I would be interested in setting up a meeting next week, Wednesday at our premises.

Marketing Manager

A: The short answer is that commissioning this video doesn’t really require a face-to-face meeting.


Specification-wise, all that’s required is to shoot for a day at your site near London, and subsequently produce this into 2-3 mins of sales video dynamite, which will cost £X,0000.

Any experienced video producer will have this price at their fingertips.

This specification will obviously include extensive post production, such as great sound, custom animation and video effects, green screen and teleprompt for your CEO, plus a full script & storyboard service – everything!

Allow £Y,000 per additional customer testimonial/site shoot day that may be required.

Anything over and above this can be answered by email or phone.

It’s really that simple.

Nonetheless I can envisage a scenario where some clients will be offended by this initiative.

But why?

We live in a web age where we all save time and money by buying online, typically 15% or more.

To meet this demand for online purchasing at lower cost, most video production companies can provide masses of information on their services as streamed video and detailed video production services

I personally find that more and more customers no longer require face-to-face meetings in the same way they used to, and are increasingly happier with email and phone contact in order to arrive at a decision.

So why are clients still asking for face to face meetings?

I think a lot of it is habit, the traditional way of doing things.

I also think that video producers rely on making a good face-to-face impression, and push for meetings.

Typically many video producers are “personalities”, and they think they can lever their “personality” face-to-face to win the deal.

This is fair enough if old school touch-feely is what marketing managers want.

But is it?

Another reason is that video production is seen as complex and requiring specialist personal advice – consultancy by any other name.

Ten years ago, this may have been true.

But this is the Day of the YouTube!

Video production isn’t the mystery it once was. Marketing managers are a lot smarter about video production.

An online corporate video store can provide samples, show credits, and demonstrate style and creativity as easily as rep visit.

And make no mistake that these meetings cost money (you thought they were free?!)

Time always has to be paid for.

Sooner or later it’s you, the customer, who pays for what are increasingly unnecessary presentations.

Video production services can be bought online. Just ask.

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