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Q: We’re a marketing services agency concerned with brand revitalisation and investor relations.

I’d like to know if a video ad intended for website viewing can also be used inside a powerpoint presentation.

Marketing Consultant
Central London

A: Vidshorts are primarily produced for online presentation such as on a landing page on a web site.

But there’s no reason not to use your vidshort in an offline presentation such as a powerpoint as you describe.

There are a few key points to take into consideration though.

A vidshort is normally delivered as a flash live video file or .mp4. This is the standard format for streaming on a website, and is favoured by youtube, google, reuters and many others.

The alternative is to have your Vidshort delivered to you in wmv (windows media video) file format. This format is native to Powerpoint and much easier to use by comparison.

The other point to watch for is size, ie, the pixel height and width of your video ad.

A video ad is primarily designed for web playback and will probably be small.

On the other hand, your presentation may well be big screen on a projector.

So when you order your video ad you need to specify the maximum possible size, and have the vidshort delivered to you as an mp4 for online streaming, and a larger wmv for offline presentation.

This might cost more. It’ll depend, as a VidShort is generally produced to a smaller web friendly size specification, and this smaller size is also quicker to produce. When a web size image is expanded to projector size the colour may look a little thin.

Ask your vidshort producer if they produce in a larger size, and determine if this involves extra cost.

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In a similar vein, a vidshort isn’t intended for DVD playback.

Visually they’re different media. A DVD will have lots of detail as everything is seen big size. A Vidshort will not have the same level of detail, as it’s intended to be viewed online, within a web page, such as a home (index) page.

When a vidshort is expanded up to full DVD size it may look sparse by comparison. It’ll depend on the actual image content whether this looks acceptable or not.

The same sort of rules also apply to television.

Primarily web advertising is designed for the internet, but there is room for flexibility.

But there’s no fundamental reason not to use your vidshort in a presentation.

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