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Q: I am looking to run a video clip developed in mpg on our company web site.

What do I need to do enable this video run on the internet without downloading on the client station.

Does some component need to be installed on the hosting server?

IT Manager
Investment Company

A: You can stream an mpeg video on your website from your own company server. Simply link to the mpeg file on the server from a suitable location on your website.

You’ll need your viewers to have Windows Media Player installed on their PCs, but it’s very likely that they will already have this. So there shouldn’t be any playback problems.

However this only works for single playings, ie, one person viewing at a time. If more than one person happen to be viewing at the same time, then the video will get jerky and not look good. And if three or more people decide to view at the same time, them playback will be useless.

For best results you need to have your mpeg video file sited on a dedicated video server.

This is fairly cheap to do, and very easy. Smooth playback is then assured.

Using a dedicated server will also allow you to offer options. For example larger screen playback for those with fast connections, and smaller screen lower quality for those with slower connections.
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