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Q: We’re a design agency in Ireland and need a 2 minute promotional video for a hotel. We will supply still images, text and music to be fitted in around the video. It will have still images in the background (with some special effects on them to liven it up) text appearing and disappearing in each segment.

Could you give me a guide price please asap.

Graphic Designer
Design & Print Facility, Cork

A: The short answer is £10,000.

The long answer is how do we make sure that all the ingredients to bake your cake (the images, text and music you supply) are baked in the way that you imagine it will come out?

There is no straight answer here. Let me explain. As a design professional, you have a very clear idea about what you want, which is good. But you also need to consider that you’re moving into an area of video which is ground-breaking and hasn’t yet got clearly defined rules in the way that voxpop videos or manual handling videos have.

The kind of video you specify is still very much the product of a senior video compositor’s imagination and artistry. Which may not be quite the same as your own.

As an example, we had a marketing director customer who, like you, had very clear ideas of what she wanted, which was in the same style as you mention. The only way she could get what she wanted was to virtually stand over the editor (via daily email) and guide their hand on the mouse. The net result was the video she wanted, but the process took almost twice as long as it should have, and hence cost a lot more.

The director in question probably still thinks that you always have to worry hard and stand over people to get what you want, and they still overcharge. But in reality, she should have taken a back seat and let the professionals do the work for her, at a fraction of the time and cost.

So you need to think carefully about this.

By all means supply the story – but – discuss this in detail with a video producer first to verify that your storyboard and images really will work in the way you want. And then once everything is very clear and goals are agreed, stand back and let the editor do their work. The result won’t be quite what you imagined. It may well be better. And it’ll certainly be great. And it’ll cost you less than worrying about whether the video editor is going to edit exactly as you no doubt dreamed.
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