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Now that solar energy parks are capable of powering whole communities, it’s about time we learned to put our sun to work more often than we do.
As one of the world’s leading solar parc installers, Enerparc and their UK partner Green Switch Solutions, felt their Coltishall project deserved a little more than a few stills on their Case History web page as Coltishall is one of Britain’s largest solar energy parks.

So we were delighted to be invited to film the project as it happened and tell the story through video.


Coltishall, Norfolk, is one of Britain’s largest solar energy sites, delivering 33 megawatts to 10,000 households for the next 25 years, in an ecologically sustainable way.

The rapid construction process took a mere 6 weeks, with 100 deliveries a day for overlapping crews, which required robust delivery logistics.

16,000 steel piles were used to support 134,000 solar panels, with transformers connected to the grid.

The park connected to the grid first time.

The core of the video was based around interviews with all the leading players including Tim Edmunds from Norfolk County Council, as well as the leaders from the Enerparc / Green Switch team.


Cool stuff about this video

As you watch the video you’ll notice we used a number of different video technologies to bring the project more to life.

A quadcopter drone was used to film the site from above, as it was the only realistic way to show the huge scale of the project. Our drone specialist Sebastian brought this to life, showing not just the solar park but the community of Coltishall, Norfolk, the beneficiaries of the park.

Steadicam was used in a number of places allowing our camera specialist, Matt, to track the flow of events onsite and follow the action in a movie-like way.

An extra long glide device, mounted on a tripod, was also used by our special fx op, Shane, which gave a nice filmic motion to the scenes.

2 timelapse cameras recorded the full construction process from 2 vantage points.

Combining all the above filming devices and apparatus enabled us to lift the production beyond the typical camera & tripod syndrome that somehow never brings out the full impact of these huge construction projects.


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Still images from one of the Timelapse cameras
– showing progress of the build over 6 weeks


Why 2 video stories

We were asked to produce 2 versions of the project story:

> 1 for Enerparc, headquartered in Hamburg

> and 1 for Green Switch located in NW England.

Enerparc wanted a long 8 minute video version of the job.

They’d done this before on a German solar park and liked what they got, so they stuck to their formula.

Seen in this light, we felt our secret mission was to produce a video better than any previous videos Enerparc had commissioned.

Stefan Mueller, Enerparc’s COO said: “Good story and a bit fresher than the neutral german style”

Green Switch felt their version of the video needed to be different, so the runtime was cut drastically

– and the video style was equally caption-led as interview-led.

Marco Campolucci-Bordi, a Green Switch founder, said simply “the video is fantastic!”

Building a solar farm was never this fast, and such was the power of the story that it enabled the production of two construction video stories to tell the tale.

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