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Q: Hi there … saw you on the web and I’m after a quick quote, and a showreel.

We’re a small manufacturing company and would like to create a video for our marketing / sales dept. It also needs to stream from our website.

The video would consist of three people being interviewed in London and some footage shot of our factory in Herts. It may be that we’d require two animations: our company logo to ‘top and tail’ the video and perhaps one animation which outlines a new manufacturing process. If we supplied the script how much would a voice over cost?

Can you please supply a quote / rate card / showreel which breaks down into shooting and editing.

Thanks for your time


A: This is an ideal example where you could benefit from our Budget Corporate DVD

It offers exactly what you want, as in:

> You write the script

> We shoot three talking heads at your offices with a teleprompt so no one has to remember lines.

> We shoot some of your factory in the afternoon

> You get a pro title sequence and captions comes as standard, with animated fly-ons.

> A wmv video file suitable for streaming is included in the price, so you can play it on your website.

We also offer a support helpline if you need a bit of extra focus in organising your script or shoot.

The only problem I can foresee is that your factory is in Herts, while your offices are in Surrey. Perhaps we could shoot everything in Herts and make better use of shooting time than commuting round the M25 during the lunch break?

The whole thinking behind Budget DVD has been to offer a video service to companies who are capable of writing a short script, and are happy to let three members of their top team do the talking onscreen, while we shoot the action, and edit it everything afterwards.

Obviously a rate card isn’t necessary as everything needed is in the price. But we do have Video Quote Online if you want to try something more than the Budget No-Frills formula, though it doesn’t seem necessary in your case, as it appears to offer everything you want.

If you need to see a Showreel, then please go online and take a kook at any of our three video galleries. These will show you the full range and quality of what we do.

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