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Q: We’re a B2B supplier in the East Midlands, and would like to rebrand our company image and logo, and probably follow this up with a new presentation to replace our powerpoint. We recognise we’ll probably have to upgrade redesign our website too.

How should we structure all this? What should we be thinking about?

B2B Supplier
East Midlands

A: Yesterday we looked at 3 brand refurbishment strategies. Today we can look at the website redesign, the key to marketing success.

The Website Redesign

Here are three compelling reasons to redesign a website:

Reason 1 The existing website is narrow screen, not 1024-wide aware. This makes a site look stumpy, compared to a widescreen website.

Reason 2 The new brand message, and brand promise aren’t clear on the existing website.And the logo is now wrong.

Reason 3 You’ve probably learned a lot more about webs since building your current site, and know it’s getting out of date, eg, lacks video, lacks customer focus, too wordy, makes wrong assumptions about visitor behaviour, non-intuitive navigation, too many distractions, etc

In short, your website is probably losing you business vis a vis competitors.

Web Redesign – Big Tip 1

My biggest tip on web redesign is this:

Most sites now have to follow very strict rules of navigation and usability. This is leading to tendency for all sites to look the same.

Unique company identities are getting lost.

Brands are just a squiggle in the top right of the website!

So first and foremost, find a web design graphic that still offers outstanding visual recognition qualities without compromising navigation, fast comprehension and ease of use.

The web redesign should:

> Have a “shape” to the home page

> Have a header area with a distinctive look that no other company can copy

> Preferably have a clear and persuasive flash or still image of your core business proposition (related to your brand promise) strongly visible.

> Be responsive

Follow the above four rules, and the site has potential for being recalled for later visits.

Web Redesign – Big Tip 2

You have pages with unacceptably high bounce rates.

So the next big tip is to ensure every page gives the visitor the information they’re after (our creative director swears by this)

Too many web pages assume the visitor wants to know this, or ought to know that, or “we always say that”.

No more.

Study your website. Study your stats. Check where you have unacceptably bounce rates, and fix those pages by ensuring they give the information the customer wants.

By this we don’t just mean get the core message right, but ensure the page payout supports easy scanning, and can be grasped at a glance.

Because if you don’t they’ll keep on bouncing.

A big part of any web redesign is information presentation, which can involve graphics, better layouts, more relevant web copy, flash, animation, video, blogs, forums, and rss feeds.

Web Redesign – Big Tip 3

Potential new clients don’t always write or call even when they can think of reasons to do so.

So make it extremely easy to contact you.

Have an enquiry form on every page. And make it good looking and desirability. It should emanate professionalism and confidence.

Have phone details prominent in attractive graphic display boxes.

Customers have brief flashes of inspiration when viewing your web pages.

Be sure you catch the lightning when it strikes.

If you’re an ambitious B2B supplier, you must take the above three web redesign reasons into account, and know you pass with flying colours.

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