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Q: We’re a B2B supplier in the East Midlands, and would like to rebrand our company image and logo, and probably follow this up with a new presentation to replace our powerpoint. We recognise we’ll probably have to upgrade redesign our website too.

How should we structure all this? What should we be thinking about?

B2B Supplier
East Midlands

A: Let’s take this in order:

> A brand refresh

> A website redesign

With a brand refresh (to give rebranding it’s currently popular name), when you add in all the livery and logo changes to stationery, vans, and workwear, you’re talking about a big jump, and a relatively costly one.

So the main thing is to plan it all smoothly so nothing go wrong, as all the different marketing components of your rebrand package all hinge on one another. Delays impact downline, maybe with big consequences.

So whoever does this work for you, you need:

> A proven supplier with a track record in managing large marketing projects.

> A clear road map to completion that your own management team and every supplier is committed to

The benefits can be overwhelming:

> Stronger recognition

> Clearer perception of what you offer vis a vis competitors

> Better conversion of leads

> More leads

> Greater customer retention

> More motivated workforce

Let’s take a look at the individual new media components and see what they can offer.

Brand refresh or Rebrand

Here’s an overview of a 3 typical brand strategies:

Option 1 – Say the usual in the usual way

> Just do a new logo
> Don’t bother with a brand strategy
> Be a B2B or Corporate Solutions Provider
> First Class Service
> One Stop Shop
> Emphasise Low Cost

Don’t bother standing out from the competition and get on with knocking on doors

Be Good Enough

Option 2 – Say the usual in a better way

> Do a new logo
> Invest in sales tools & brand activity
> Re-inforce usual sales pitch with more compelling messages and activity to support sales activity

Get knocking on doors with something better to say

Be Better

Option 3 – Say something new in a better way

> New brand strategy
> Invest in and nurture new story about what you do
> Shape distinctive idea to make you stand out from the competition and support sales activity

Get knocking on doors with the support of a brand strategy created to support sales activity

Be Different and Better, Build a Distinctive Reputation

These 3 options should help clarify thinking when considering a brand refresh.

You can choose the level of rebrand you wish for.

When choosing a brand refurbishment strategy, most companies choose Option 2 as it it elevates them while staying familiar territory.

Option 2 also avoids the risks inherent in Option 3, which might just fail if it doesn’t deliver on the change it promises to be, or the change that the market wants.

B2B Brand refresh and website continues tomorrow.

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