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Q: We are a leading blinds manufacturer looking for a marketing video to project a more professional corporate image to prospective retailers and trade customers.

What do you advise?

Marketing Assistant

Greater Manchester

A: Yesterday we looked at what is required for a marketing video. Today we can look at an alternative solution, a multimedia video, comparing how it performs against marketing video.

Multimedia Video

A multimedia video is a full-on business presentation that includes a variety of video clips as part of a series of slides full of graphics, stills, animation, text captions, music, voiceover, etc.

As a presentation reference point try our Multimedia Page

Because it’s multimedia (and not just a powerpoint) it’s of a particularly high quality and will easily hold audience’s attention.

Different versions of it can be produced to meet the needs of different sales situations (customer touch points), for example:

> a click through version when you want to show a customised package to a retailer or hotel chain, while talking over

> A talking version that autoruns when you have a more general audience and a pre-recorded voiceover is preferable.

> A web streaming version

> A CD version that talks, that you can leave with prospective champions to help you deals over the distance

Part of the presentation will be to include video clips to illustrate different types of window blinds on location, and add life to your products as only video can.

But the bulk of the presentation will be concerned with making a compelling yet visually stunning proposition that a trade customer or retailer cannot ignore, a proposition that will win.

From the marketer’s point of view, a multimedia video will help convert more deals, while simultaneously enhancing the corporate image.

Multimedia video is always an attractive option to a corporate video, often because a presentation can be amended to suit different clients and their needs, or add extra material such as introducing a new product range.

And a multimedia video can be complemented by as many video clips as you like.


Every one has their own preferences, but briefly the main differences are:

> Marketing video is one-size-fits-all, while multimedia video can be amended to fit the client

> Marketing video aims more at giving a TV-like professional finish to an existing presentation, while a multimedia video is more focussed on developing a better presentation to win more deals.

But they also have a lot in common:

> Both marketing video and multimedia video are great to watch

> Both can be streamed, looped, played from a laptop, or handed to a client

> Both use video to add liveliness, tv feel, etc

As a blinds manufacturer your products are uniquely visual, which suggests marketing video, but as a supplier-to-trade a compelling yet flexible business proposition is also vital.

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