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Q: We are a leading blinds manufacturer looking for a marketing video to project a more professional corporate image to prospective retailers and trade customers.

What do you advise?

Marketing Assistant

Greater Manchester

A: I can think of two possible marketing solutions that will offer a more professional image of your company to your retail and trade customers.

The first is a marketing video.

The second is a multimedia video.

We’ll look at this over two parts, today and tomorrow

Marketing Video

Window blinds are home furnishings products with lots of lifestyle associations.

So a video based around homeowners – couples, wives, partners – would be a natural and obvious starting point.

To film it you’d need to shoot examples from the range of blinds in your showroom, and at selected locations where you have high quality window blind installations.

This could take anything from 1-3 days shooting, depending on how easy it is to get around the different locations. Bear in mind the more days you shoot, the higher your costs.

You’ll probably want to use a presenter, or maybe a presenter couple.

They can be shot in the home – on location.

They can also be shot against green screen, with stills of blind samples and installations appearing behind them, highlighting what is being said.

You may also want additional models or extras to appear to show diversity of ownership, different age ranges, gender, ethnicity, etc

Last but not least I’d consider using Steadicam for one or more of the shoot days.

Steadicam is a gyroscopic attachment that allows a specialist camera operator to walk and move with the camera, while shooting smoothly. No wobbly shots!

You see steadicam used extensively in films for moving shots as well as TV adverts – and that’s what your corporate video is, an extended TV advert aimed at trade and retail customers.

Look at all the possibilities as a list to understand what’s involved:

> 1-3 days shoot

> Showroom location

> Other installation locations.

> Presenter, or presenter couple

> Models to show diversity of ownership

> Stills to show more of the range than is practical to shoot on video

> Steadicam to add movement and a touch of class

Now, wrap all the above around a strong compelling storyline that will make retailers bite and you have a top quality marketing video on your hands, one that will add a higher level of professionalism to your presentations, enhancing your corporate image

There’s a selection of marketing videos for viewing

The second part of this Q&A will be continued tomorrow where we look at multimedia video, contrasting it with marketing video.

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