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Before we look at the benefits of using a steadicam and glidetrack in your production, let’s question the main problem that’s caused by leaving them out – shaky camera movement.

Shaky camera movement never equals professional production.

You can have the best scriptwriter, director, narrator and actors in the world.

Your soundtrack could have been written by Hans Zimmer.

But if your camera shakes when it moves – well that’s just amateur!

Avoiding this problem is essential if you want people to take you seriously.

So you use a steadicam and/or a Glidetrack dolly

So, what are they?


A steadicam


A steadicam is a type of video or film camera that allows for fluid shots when it is carried and moved.

The camera – and the shot it records – stays still and fluid despite the movement of the cameraman.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the film Goodfella’s.

Director Martin Scorsese uses the steadicam a lot in this film, but there is one particular scene in which it is used for the introduction of characters and setting.

In this scene, the camera moves around a group of gangsters that are sitting in a dimly lit bar.

The camera is the audience – an the audience meets and greets each one of these characters individually.

If a steadicam hadn’t of been used, then the audience could not immerse themselves into the scene.

They would be too put off by the shaky camera work.

A Glidetrack

A Glidetrack is a type of dolly.

But what’s a dolly?

It’s a moveable camera base on wheels that allows for smooth directional camera movement.

The movement can be horizontal or vertical.

Most professionally made videos use a glidetrack instead of the camera’s zoom lens.

You may not be aware of this – but using the ‘zoom’ feature is an amateur technique.

You won’t see it in a professionally made film.

Instead, a glidetrack is used to allow the camera to ‘pan’ from one area to the other.

It does this smoothly and fluidly – automatically giving the video a higher ‘production value’.


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What’s the catch?


The only catch is price.

They are not always cheap – especially if bought as new.

Renting can also be expensive.

But all of this depends on who you rent or buy the equipment from.

Look hard enough and you’ll find a good deal.

A steadicam and a glidetrack are needed for any production that wants a sizeable audience

If you want your production to be of a high standard – a standard that can be broadcast on television or screened at a cinema – then the use of a steadicam and glidetrack is essential.

The only exceptions are those productions that do not have any camera movement whatsoever.

Do you know of any?

If your willing to put your time and money into something like film or video production, you have to do it well.

You owe it to yourself to make it of the highest possible standard.

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