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With the growth in animated video for B2B web marketing videos, you may well ask whether the presenter video you planned is such a good idea after all.

Or maybe it is? Let’s see.

The Case for Presenter Video


Using a presenter for a web video production has always been a good idea.

After all, people like buying from people.

Presenters can demonstrate equipment on video – though this is usually more suited to a B2C consumer video – such as a new phone or household appliance – as compared with a business video which often needs to explain an “invisible” service, or critical chain of events – rather than simply describe a new product.

A presenter can generate emotion from the way they describe or discuss a product – which is vital as emotion is an essential prerequisite to any decision to buy or enquire online.

No emotion = no sale.

Last but not least, presenter videos have become quite cheap so, for many, they are an affordable route to their first video.

See presenter video production samples here


Presenters need support by way of graphics and animation to highlight the key points they make.

Otherwise their “talking” can just become a wash of words without sufficient emphasis to bring the business message to life.

And often the graphics supporting the presenter look ineffective and often cheap – because the video production was always going to be a low budget production – or because the presenter video production studio are weak on graphics.

In other words, presenter videos are prone to being flat and dull. But not always.

The Case for Animated Video


Animated business video is one of the fastest growing areas of the internet.

We all grew up watching cartoons, and like them.

They engage audiences very quickly because of their novelty.

Animated video often uses a presenter too, an avatar person, who can be drawn in a variety of styles to match the tone of the video – from high corporate seriousness to downright amusing.

Importantly, animation allows greater emotional expression to get a business need across to the audience.

For example, compare a presenter saying “and this route can lead to problems” compared with an animation of a “ten ton weight” dropping onto a “bad idea” icon.

Most of us will enjoy the ten ton weight dropping much more than someone simply saying it.

No contest.

In fact animation excels at generating emotion – which is often the key to converting web viewers into web enquirers.

And if an animated video is a winner, it has a much greater chance of being recommended to other colleagues in the decision chain, and going viral within the team.

I call this Local Virality.

See animated web video production samples here


Animation costs more than a an equivalent presenter video.

Maybe 50% more.

And a poor-looking animated video is an even bigger joke than a poor presenter video.

Animated video is still seen as a risk by many businesses, who prefer something more “old-fashioned and reliable”.

Summary: B2B Presenter Video vs B2B Animated Video

> Presenter videos are normally cheaper

> People buy from people

> Animated video has the power to generate more buying emotions.

> Animated video is more likely to generate virality, especially local virality amongst a group of colleagues involved in a buying decision.

The Verdict

Unless a presenter video has good quality support from postproduction graphics, it can often result in endless talking without impact.

By contrast, a good animated video can really wake up an audience.

But be prepared to pay extra cash for extra oomph.

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