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You may have glowing customer references and great client testimonials, but are you really convincing more buyers to trust you?

Because that’s what testimonials are intended to do.

And there’s more.

How do you convince buyers to stop browsing and ensure they take your proposition seriously?

This is precisely where video client testimonials are worth their weight in gold.

Video testimonials are all about credible and flattering endorsements – that kind that really work.

Now ask yourself: Who doesn’t look at online recommendations or reviews when buying a major item?

Reviews give you confirmation that the product or service you want is as good as the vendor claims it is.

Typically, the buyer knows they want the product, but they want to buy with confidence – so they seek reassurance from other buyers.

This buying-by-consensus really works for many people, and is fast becoming the accepted norm.

So you can expect scepticism from seasoned buyers when they read about your product claims on the web.

Particularly when the claims are only on your site, self-praising your products.


This is where web video testimonials step in to fill the breach.

For a start. they don’t look like a cynical marketing trick.

They offer a known trustworthy recommendation – not an anonymous one.

More on how to produce this into a testimonial video tomorrow.

More info on web video testimonials here


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