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So now you’ve built your app – what next?

No doubt you and your team have spent the past many months developing your app.

If you’re developing your app for the consumer market, you’ll have invested many hours and many $$$.

However, if you’re developing your app for the enterprise market – the cost and time invested is probably significantly higher.

A lot is at stake on the success of your app.

You know that you’re launch date is now in sight – but what can you do to make sure that your app is the ‘go-to app’ and that all your time, money and effort is not wasted.

Including an app demo video into your launch plan can help you to hit your download targets, secure future investment and minimise customer service costs.

Here’s how:

Promote your app with a marketing video

As our mantra here at Studio Rossiter goes, ‘people don’t read text’ – people like to watch video.

Especially when they are thinking about buying a product – and there’s a lot of evidence to back this claim.

A potential customer will want to see your key features, how it can integrate into their existing workflow or simply if using your app is a hassle free experience.

An app demo video can help the potential customer to realise these thoughts and imagine what it’ll be like to use your app on a daily basis.

There are many platforms to showcase your app demo video – the obvious ones being your website and youtube.

However, you’re wasting time if you don’t add it to your Google Play page.

Having your app demo video on your Google Play page places your most powerful sales tool right next to the download button – you can’t ask for more than that!

To see this powerful combination in action, take a look at a couple of Studio Rossiter clients doing just that:

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have this functionality within their own app store yet, but I’d like to think that they’ll catch-up soon.

Secure future investment

We all know that developers are a creative breed.

– and if you’re anything like the developers that I speak to, you’ll have put as much time and effort as you can possibly give into developing version 1 of your app.

You’re also probably immensely pleased with the results.

But more likely than not – you’ll have huge plans for v2.

Whether it’s:

> adding new features

> an improved user interface

> enhancing your database

The list could go on.

What really matters is that you’ve got big ideas but you need to secure investment to make your ideas become a reality.

This means that you’ll need to develop a powerful presentation to bring investors on-board.

Video has time and again proved to enhance presentations and can give your presentation that extra edge to secure investment.

Here’s an example of one of Studio Rossiters customers using video to secure investment for their app:

Soteria – Closing Video from Rossiter & Co on Vimeo.

Cut your customer service costs with tutorial Videos

No doubt, you’ll need a comprehensive approach to customer service.

It may not be a glamourous topic, but customer service costs could take a large bite out of your profits.

However, by tackling this issue straight away you can not only cut your costs but deliver a better user experience.

After all, what person wants to waste their time navigating an automated call system to find the help they need – and more importantly, what company wants to fund this!?

By integrating an app video tutorial network into your app or website, you can give your users easy access to the knowledge they need and free up the phone lines whilst you’re at it!

Use tutorials to increase your conversion rate by offering
pre-sales customer support

When a potential customer is considering a purchase, they’ll have a long list of questions about your product.

This is a good thing, they are showing interest in your product.

However, they are also probably looking at your competitors offering and asking the same questions.

By providing an app tutorial video network, you’re enabling the potential customer to put a ‘tick in a box’ next to every one of their questions.

By the time the potential customer has finished their research, they’ll see you as ‘buying certainty’ and see your competitors as ‘buying into the unknown’.

If you’d like to some app demo video samples – please view our software demo page

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