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Q: Do you have a production (video, multimedia, animations) that promotes or explains to prospective university students what the Marketing major is about?

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A: Promoting a university course, particularly a marketing course, is quite a different challenge to promoting a university as a whole.

The first and biggest question is deciding which medium to use live video or animation.

They all have their relative merits, but explainer animation would be the route that I’d recommend.


Three reasons:

> Animation is portable and will play on the web, or from a USB

> Animation is innovative and eye-catching, in an age where most universities produce very similar types of promotional material, ie a DVD, brochure and flat web pages. So an informal explainer video will stand out from the crowd.

> Animated explainer video is suited to shorter messages of a few minutes, rather than, say, video or multimedia which are typically much longer

Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail:


Any student interested in a Marketing course will go to the university website, and look at the respective pages in the marketing faculty. They’ll find relatively plain text web pages and a few pictures of smiling students or shiny buildings.

A prominent animation on these pages would be a natural for the student to click. So they’ll get the message via the web.

But on the other hand, the Marketing faculty also send out brochures to prospective students. So why not include animation on a USB, which could be an insert in the brochure. 

Last but not least, professors and faculty marketing staff frequently give powerpoint presentations to prospective students and their families, explaining the college or the faculty. An animated exapliner video or could be easily inserted into the powerpoint – without making it drag on.



Animation is all about being eye-catching. It is eye-catching without question.

Now compare this with a promotional DVD or video, which usually comprises student voxpops or a few professorial talking heads explaining away on camera.

Talking heads and voxpops are typical of university promotion, and very “me-too”.

Flash on the other hand is not “me-too”. It is excitingly visual, particularly to a younger market audience.

Flash will deliver an exciting message that will rise above the crowd.

Shorter Message

Animated web video is more suited to shorter messages of a few minutes in length. Which is exactly what a Marketing faculty needs, ie, a crisp concise message that pulls together the main feature-benefits in an exciting way.

By contrast a longer corporate video tends to ramble on. And while it may be interesting, it often lacks the punch to “make things happen” that an animation can deliver fairly easily.

Hopefully, in this short reply, you can see how when promoting a university course, explainer animation offers the opportunity to generate a lot more touch points, in a more powerful and more concise way than video, DVD or multimedia. 

See examples of animated video production here

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