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What is an Animated Web Video- Really?

B2B animated web video falls into two broad categories - 2D animation and 3D animation.

Let's compare both and see how they work for the video customer.

3D animation

3D animnation can provide absolute detail of a product or environment.

So B2B 3D animation is almost always used for:

> bringing an architect's blueprint and vision to life,

> giving a visual technical breakdown of exactly how your product works.

> animations of small hi tech products, such, as, phones, domestic hifi's etc

3D is great at showing exactly what something will look like if it's not made yet.

2D animation

2D animated web video has taken advantage of the enormous progress in 2 D motion graphics software .

2D videos are often used as Explainer Videos.

What 2D animated video - or explainer web video - can achieve is provide a compelling a visual representation of your offer.

This is particularly effective if you're delivering an intangible service, compared with an actual physical product, eg, management consultancy, or iPhone app.

Explainer video can often be led by an animated talking presenter, who will guide the viewer through the animation, explaining your product or service along the way.

Just like a real presenter, but a lot more fun!

The key here is to Tell-not-Sell, and engage the audience with your sophisticated offering, rather than simply one dimensional blatant selling.

How much is an Animated Web Video likely to cost me?

Studio Rossiter offer 3 basic packages, for each tier of the marketplace.

Low Cost

This type of animated web video is based around on professional library stock images and typography.

This is Route One for cheaply getting an explainer video on your homepage.

The downside to low cost animated web video is that:

> although you can have an animated character who's walking and talking to explain your product,

> the images used may not be unique to your company.


The big difference here is that a professional illustrator designs all the artwork to be used in your video.

So for example. you can have a bespoke animated presenter drawn for you. Ditto for the background scenes or any part of your animation.

Usually the 2D animation is more sophisticated too.

No Limit

This is perfect if you want to really show what you're made of.

You may have developed an new wrist watch with a mechanism that's 100% accurate and you now need to show it's inner workings.

Or you may be building Asia's biggest oil refinery and need to show investors what the plant will look like.

Anything is possible with a no-limit animated web video.

Simply tell the animation team your vision - and it will be so!


So let's get down to how much these options costs:

> Low Cost animated web video can cost as little as £799 for a 30 sec video.

> Premium animated video starts at £999 for 30 seconds

> No Limit animated web video starts at £2,999

In Summary

If you offer a product or service that isn't tangible, or is in some way invisible, you need a 2D explainer video to tell the world what is is that you offer.

If you need detail and accuracy then 3D is for you.

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