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This is a guest post by our in house web video illustrator, John Fuller.

He gives his insight into what is more effective on your website – An animated presenter, or a live action presenter.


As an illustrator I’m intrigued by this subject.

My personal preference is to watch an animated character rather than a live human presenter.

For one thing, the use of actual people as presenters is a bit ‘old hat’ nowadays. It’s just been going on for too long to have much engaging appeal any more for me.

And although the winning personality of a real person might seem an advantage, I don’t particularly want to have somebody in my face trying to sell me something!

Somehow for me an animated person gives me more freedom to watch a video without feeling that I have to engage with a stranger who’s telling me what I want.

I also think the abstract character of an animated presenter somehow encourages and frees the imagination.

As an architect I used to find that loosely drawn coloured sketches of a design proposal worked better than a realistic image. It seemed give the client more space to invest personal feeling or vision into the concept of the creation of a house. It’s a subjective thing, but I think it probably works here too.

It seems likely to me that the simplified style and movement of an animated character frees up our attention to absorb more of what is being described in the video, as well as encouraging a more personal engagement.


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