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Q: I have an idea for an instructional video that I know will sell very many copies very quickly.

I want to invest in my idea, which is a very sound and certain one.

If you can advise on such an undertaking from pricing and planning through to distribution, then contact me please.


A: The outstanding thing about instructional videos designed for selling-on is that they tend to be long, with runtimes of 60 minutes or more not being unusual.

This is a lot of video shooting compared to the average corporate video, and yet it all has to be of a high standard – avoiding the amateur camcorder look – for the content to be credible and worth buying.

What you need is a single owner operator type of studio, perhaps one that combines wedding and social events with some corporate work. You’ll generally pay a lot less for this type of studio as they have minimal overheads.

They’ll happily shoot your scenes, which don’t need to be elaborate as the process you’re shooting should be visually fairly self-explanatory.

They’ll be able to provide captions for key learning points, and some library music or a jingle or three to add some variety.

You’ll need them to collaborate with you on developing a script and storyboard. They won’t expect to write your script, but they’ll offer you advice. And they can help you turn your written ideas into a professional storyboard and planned shoot.

What they almost certainly won’t do is develop a professional product image for you.

For this you need to see a local designer to develop you some artwork that looks really good, as this will be your image, your face to the world, your visual justification for the price you’re charging for your instructional video product. You can recycle this artwork many times as brochures, leaflets, website, advertising, video titling – in fact anywhere where you need to represent your product.

It’s best not stint on having pro artwork. Many people do, using “a cousin who’s cheap” while thinking they’re saving money. The result is usually something that looks tacky with clean edges! Obviously you don’t want your products to have this sort of image. many of your future customers will buy from the look of the cover.

As for duplication? Type “low cost duplication” in Google then take your pick. Moist have prices printed online so you can budget precisely. All you need to know is how many copies you require.

Hope this helps
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