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Q: We’re interested in having a marketing DVD produced to show the construction of an agricultural building from laying out a base template to hanging the front door.

The whole process should take one day but probably will take two.

We are based near London. What kind of budget should we allow for this type of promotional tool?

Prefabricated Agricultural Building Construction company

A: Since cost features strongly in your query about producing an agricultural building construction marketing DVD, I’ll answer a major cost issue head on.

You suggest that 2 shoot days may be necessary for the video production, though the construction process should theoretically take only one day.

It’s worth noting that a 2 day marketing video costs a fair bit more than a 1 day video, and is worth avoiding if you want to make big cost savings on your marketing video production.

You can learn more about marketing video production

As it happens, I’ve had experience of producing a marketing video for a prefab building construction company, a well-known national house builder.

At the time the video was commissioned to simply show how the house was constructed in less than a day, using prefabricated prebuilt components shipped in by lorry and crane, direct from the factory where they were assembled.

It was intended as a basic promotional tool.

It was an assembly line building construction video, but all taking place onsite, and live before an audience of press, customers, and anyone else their PR department saw fit to invite.

We leaned two things from this video, both of which impact on your agricultural building construction video.

1 – How costs can be reduced by compacting the shoot into one day

2 – How to get added-value from the VIP crowd who’ll come to see your building erection

How to film your video in one day

This is purely suggested as a cost-saving measure. If you can, pay for 2 days shoot.

The principle is simple – use photographs to replace part of the shoot.

For example, get the base/foundations laid the day before and just shoot still photos for this part of the erection.

When a few photos are mixed in with live action footage from the majority of the construction process, the results will still look convincing.

And your video production cost will be reduced substantially.

Get added-value from the crowd

Create an event for the day of the shoot.

Get happy customers and press to turn up. Invite the world.

Then they can be interviewed onsite, capturing their feedback on camera.

When this was done previously with a pre-fab house construction (for the house builder mentioned above) the results were fantastic.

A demonstration shoot was turned into a full blown, powerful promotion tool.

The reason it was so upbeat was that prefab building construction onsite is innately exciting to watch. And the audience were happy to say this on camera.

From an empty patch of land we got a whole agricultural building erected in the space of one short day, complete with cranes lifting in the components (walls, floors, units etc)

It was an impressive piece of industrial theatre.

The idea can be supported by a graphic digital clock in the corner of the television screen so viewers can keep an eye on the project timeline, in a countdown style.

So there you have it. One idea to generate excitement and marketing buzz, and another idea to reduce the cost of your agricultural building construction promotional DVD.

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