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When most people consider 3D – a big budget is usually the first thought that comes to mind.

Until now, this assumption was correct.

For the smallest piece of 3D work, a client could expect to pay £1,000 – and this could go up to £20K for a substantial project!!

For most customers, who just wanted the impact that is delivered by 3D, the trade off in price was just too great…

However, when Adobe teamed up with Maxon, allowing for 3D scenes to be easily constructed in Cinema 4D and quickly composited in After Effects – 3D was brought into the grasp of clients who have no 3D budget.

Take a look at how these recent clients used 3D:

3D Text:



3D Charts



3D Objects



Conclusion: You, the client, should be expecting more and getting more!

Affordable 3D animation – you better believe it!

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