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Marketers worldwide are producing videos at a rate never seen before.

Yet many of these videos are weak. They don’t perform well enough.

Why is this, and what do we mean by weak?

And more importantly what can you, the marketer, do about it?

So let’s ask this question:

“Would you send the same sales letter to a novice customer who’s just beginning to look around your marketplace

– and still send the same sales letter to a developed customer who’s looking for a proposal and quote?”

Of course you wouldn’t!

Yet this is exactly what most companies do with video.

They use a one-size-fits-all video and expect remarkable results

– at every stage of the sales funnel.

The sales funnel

Potential leads, new customers, come in 3 varieties:

1 – Top of funnel customer: Those who are beginning their journey in your industry, and are still learning the basics.

2 – Middle of funnel customers: Those who want to buy your type of product or service, and are actively looking around gathering information.

3 – Bottom of funnel customers: Those who need a quote, business proposal and solution.

How the sales funnel affects video

Some of this should start becoming obvious. Let’s take a look.

Top of funnel customers need a broad benefit introduction to your business sector, as well as an introduction to your company.

Middle of funnel customers need detailed information on different aspects of your products or service, for example, vertical market info, or detail on areas where you outflank the market, or where you technically excel, and so on.

Bottom of the funnel customers grow increasingly interested in post sales service, maintenance, onboarding processes – and above all, clear differentiation between you and your leading competitors.

Hopefully you can see that top of funnel video messages are irrelevant to bottom of funnel customers. And vice versa.

What the advanced marketer can do about it

The short message is that you need to develop video for each of the sales funnel’s different stages.

And if you do, you’re likely to completely outflank your competition.

In practice this means you’ll some or all of the following marketing videos:

1 – Top of funnel video

A broad intro to you and your services, allowing the customer to see how your product or service can increase their ROI, make them more competitive, and generally make life better for them.

This is often the first marketing video that companies produce. It’s video-for-babies.

2 – Middle of funnel video

Most clients have typically three different types of question they ask you (or conversely, don’t ask, because they don’t yet know to ask).

They’re also very interested in their particular sector, and vertical market.

They’re also looking for someone to trust, or someone with experience to be their friend.

The above call for 2 or 3 new videos that focus solely on:

– helping the customer find exactly what product or solution they need

– helping the customer to trust you (not just any old “trust”, but trust you like they trust Apple, Marks & Spencer or any loved brand.

– ensuring they really understand everything about what you’re selling and why it’s good for them.

3 – Bottom of funnel video

When clients are ready to buy and are actively looking for quotes, they really, really need to know why your company is super special.

They need to see video explaining your superior onboarding process, or maintenance plan, or anything that stops them worrying in bed that they’re about to “buy a dud”.

They need to trust you implicitly, so a Trust video is a prime example of video that will work well here. This can mean testimonial videos or other trust vehicles.

Most off all, they’ll need to know exactly why you’re different and better than the other two companies who are also providing proposals for them.

Relevant side issue here: Proposals are often poorly read. When I analysed customer response to an online proposal, I saw a pattern that only 1 person actually read the proposal. The remaining 11 simply looked at the Executive Summary and left.

Bottom of funnel video has exactly the decisive impact you need to support your Executive Summary.

2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


If you’re looking to extend your use of marketing video, then the best place to start is to examine your Sales Funnel.

Advanced marketers are already adopting the Sales Funnel approach to developing and nurturing leads.

Now you need to support this with video

– because you know they prefer to watch than read.


The message is to develop your use of marketing video by adapting it to the needs of your Sales Funnel.


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