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As a marketer tasked with delivering corporate video to convert your company's messages into measurable results

- you must be wondering "whatever next?!"

Corporate video has moved forward at a frightening pace - even since you started your present job.

It's now difficult to define exactly what a corporate video should look like anymore.

> Is it an Explainer Video with lots of animation to detail your competitive edge?

> Should it be filmed old school style, with familiar people, places and processes?

> Do interview videos still work?

> And how do I avoid my video looking like a mishmash of itty bitty graphic effects?

The answer is Hybrid.

The new corporate video standard is Hybrid.

Corporate video gone hybrid - an example

Please take a look at the following video.

It was produced for a US specialist accountancy practice who needed to show 2 things:

1 - Abstract statistics, data and figures to explain their customer payoff

2 - Genuine emotions that customers experience when using their service

I'd suggest almost all businesses need something broadly similar

- and this is what Hybrid exactly does.

What is Hybrid?

In short, Hybrid is a mix

- of filmed footage with actors and real people

- and the latest animation, infographic & explainer video techniques

- combining together to deliver the 2016 corporate video message.

Hybrid uses a mix of digital & analogue to its best advantage.

Which means choosing a video style for your next production is no longer an "an either or".

Hybrid combines all existing video technologies, as the blended approach in the video above shows.

Advantages of Hybrid

Hybrid corporate video gives you the freedom and flexibility to reshape your message

- so it really does tell your story accurately, intelligently

- with the striking visual flair that makes audiences keep watching.

Hybrid's flexibility offers all the advantages marketers are looking for, with very little downside.

For example, you can still use your existing library footage

- or stock footage

- or film new footage

- and then combine this with the best of animation and explainer video techniques.

The result is a mature look with powerful CEO-level engagement.



Hybrid is the new corporate video style standard, combining animation and filmed footage.

The Hybrid concept delivers clearer messages, more persuasively

- while giving you a new level of freedom to tell your video message in a striking new way.

Specify Hybrid and start telling your video story the way you really want.

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