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Successful Business Meetings A free eBook by Kevin Rossiter

‘The only way meetings are going to be successful is if there is progress

and the only way to get progress is for people to get ideas

and the only way people are going to get ideas is for you to make them have ideas.’

Over the years, Kevin and the Studio Rossiter team have attended many hundreds (or thousands??) of business meetings. (This is Studio Rossiter’s 23rd year of business!)

This book is a collection of the knowledge he has gained through experience with many clients and business partners, national and internationally.

This free e book has some great business information, including detailed (and quick) tips on how to cope with reluctance and how to assert yourself, all in an easy to read format.

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Here are links to the main chapters of the book.

Overview and Contents 

Chapter 1 – The Principles of Successful Business Meetings

Chapter 2 – What to do when they won’t agree

Chapter 3 – Before the Meeting

Chapter 4 – In the Meeting

Chapter 5 – Asserting yourself

At the end of each Topic – we focus on a learning point, so you take away a short gem of info – often in form of a practical or mental exercise to really help you think about it, and to help fully remember the key points.

I would advise you jot down the points you find most important into a notebook, and so when you have your next business meeting, they’re readily available and no time will be wasted.

If you can improve your batting average and make more of your meetings, then sooner or later your organisation is going to make more of you.

Tomorrow could be the best business meeting of your life.

Download from our Video Production Resources

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