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Q: Our client wants to produce a coach holiday DVD. We need two versions, of up to 15 mins each, with one to show group holidays and the other for individual couple holidays.

The two DVDs will be very similar, using the same footage, with only small voiceover changes.

The DVD would be played by holiday organisers to groups of retired people. We would also send out the DVD as part of a brochure pack to prospective holiday customers

Client Development Manager
Promotional Agency

A: Holiday DVDs and videos need a different approach to other video productions as you have to show lots of different holiday locations, and people enjoying themselves on holiday.

But sending a video crew to lots of holiday locations can work out expensive so we need to look at alternatives.

You might also want to consider using a Celebrity Presenter with specific credibility with retired people who like a sight-seeing coach holidays package rather than adventure tours or a cruise.

They’d be typically bingo-playing, Daily Mirror-reading, value-conscious couples, where “the wife” does the booking and manages the budget.

You can avoid multiple shoots by using Library Footage from relevant holiday venues

You might also add Voxpop interviews of happy couples endorsing your holidays on camera.

I’d recommend using 4 Actors as two retired couples.

Using professional actors will guarantee we always have subjects who look good on camera. They will also show how easily people can make friends, like their hotel rooms, enjoy the evening entertainment, and visibly express enjoyment of their holiday.

Benefits of this Solution
> The Celeb will give credibility
> The Library Footage will show the scope and scale of holidays on offer
> The Actors will guarantee the people-appeal

This approach will give the DVD the appeal to older couples you need, without the cost of many days shoot around UK and Europe, and the high travel costs and journey time of getting a crew and cast there.

You’ll probably succeed with a day and an evening shoot at one nearby holiday location.

The day shoot can be on or by the bus, being greeted by the escort or guide, and at the hotel.

The evening shoot will focus on the couples enjoying the entertainments in the company of the group, or discussing the next day’s excursions. This would be a good time to do a few extra interviews on camera too.

You can get more info on shooting here

With a great music track, fast pacey editing and a strong brand image, your coach holiday DVD could be a big success.
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