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Competition in software is hotting up, with many apps now having overlapping functions.

If apps are not direct competitors, for example, the many CRM or accounting packages in the marketplace, then there are enough inter-app similarities for you to be concerned.

To avoid becoming another “me-too” app, differentiating your software through video becomes an essential step in your success.

Since video is becoming the primary marketing platform for software developers

– the need to differentiate in video becomes even more urgent.

I personally believe that Differentiating needs to be at the top of the video production agenda.

Here is a 3 Step Method for doing this.

Step 1 – Know what matters

Experience shows that some developers very easily become focused with the app features they like

– perhaps the features that show great coding prowess

– or unique GUI features they’re proud of.

To counter this, I’d suggest asking your existing users what features really matter to them.

If necessary carry out a User Survey.

But above all – establish what really matters to users.

Grade your benefits by importance-to-users.

Step 2 – Know the competition

Study your competitors to understand what benefits they’re pushing.

Visit their websites and take a good look around (you’ll get a few useful surprises if you do)

Compare this to what your User Survey tells you matters.

List the benefits each competitor offers.

List their straplines, ie, their leading statements, eg, “better, faster, cheaper”.

Even if your app is fairly unique, there’ll still be competitors who are close to what you offer.

Taking a fresh look at competitors will also bring you up to date in your marketplace.


Step 3 – Do a comparison

From Step 2 you’ll have a list of your competitors and what they say about themselves.

Against each line in your list, write down your app benefit.

Very quickly you’ll start to see where:

> you sound the same, or have a lot of overlap

> you offer something different – but still sound the same

> you genuinely look and sound different.

This list will form the basis of your video voiceover script

– which in turn is the basis of your whole software video.


If you carried out the above 3 Steps, you’ll know how to:

> confidently tell customers what they need

> tell them in a way that makes you look different to all the other competing apps

> look & sound fresher

Above all, this analysis will make your software video more powerful, more original

– and more to the point – exactly what your customers want to hear.

Differentiating your software in video matters.

To explore further, here are some software videos for you to examine.

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