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From all points of the globe, companies & governments regularly come to the UK to source their video production.

Which might seem strange at first, but actually is a very workable idea.

Here’s why:

1 – We speak English, which any organisation reaching out beyond their own language market needs.

2 – The UK is a recognised media World Centre of Excellence. After Hollywood, the UK is the accepted choice of many movie makers. And who hasn’t heard of the BBC?

3 – The UK has more media and design graduates per population – with 17% of these specialising in Film Making. We have the skills in abundance that others don’t have.

4 – Not everybody wants to buy video production from the USA, seeing the UK as a more-than-acceptable alternative to USA.

5 – The UK is more accessible to to the Middle East, India & Europe, with shorter flight times and less time zone difference than many parts of the USA.

6 – Did you know a flight to China from New York is 13.5hrs – and only 8 hours from the UK?

7 – Business insight is unequalled in the UK. We invented the Stock Exchange and the Industrial Revolution. We’ve been engaged in the developing landscape of world trade for over 300 years.

8 – If you want to sell to the EU and USA, you need a local perspective, which the UK offers, whether you sell bulk palm oil, engineering services or hitech.

9 – When a Western style brand is important to the message, UK marketing stands clearly above the rest of Europe.

At Studio Rossiter we’re right at the heart of this, whether

– selling petrochem engineering from Africa to the West

– selling European software to China

– selling Arab technology services to other Arabs

– selling European enterprise-level software to USA

> or promoting Chinese manufacturing to the West

And why does this happen?

Well, apart from the 9 reasons above, we think non-UK companies actually like buying video from the UK.

Here’s more information about our International Video Production services

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