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Corporate video buyers are faced with a variety of different problems if they want to ensure that their next corporate video is on the mark.

Our video studio receives a huge 17,000 plus web visitors a month – corporate managers people like you – so we’re able to analyse and understand what the average corporate video customer is commonly missing out, or struggling to learn.

To resolve this we’ve compiled a series of 9 Essential Tips that every corporate video production buyer needs to know.

These 9 essential tips are spread over a series of 9 blogs, so you – the corporate video commissioner – can absorb the information in a steady easy-to-digest way.

Here are the 9 Essential Tips:

  1. How to specify a corporate video shoot – and get a far better looking video picture for the same money. – See below!
  2. A great tip to ensure your web video actually gets played – and not ignored.
  3. 2 more proven tips to ensure your web video actually gets played – and not ignored.
  4. Think twice about Blu Ray or iPad formats. Evaluate the pros and cons.
  5. How to cut the cost of your video production – at a stroke.
  6. How to increase your business enquiries – by using Video SEO.
  7. How to compare Corporate Video Proposals – and drill down past the small print.
  8. Seven 10 Second Hot Tips to a great corporate video production.
  9. How to win a Corporate Video Budget

The first corporate video tip production tip coming up is Tip 1 – How to Specify Your Shoot.


Tip 1: How to specify a corporate video shoot

It’s vital to understand how to specify the new shooting technology – and get a far better video picture for the same money

First on the list is a heads-up of the new shooting technology – because better quality footage will automatically make your video look and feel more impressive – more like television or film.

And this all starts with the camera you’re going to use for your video.

We’ve recently witnessed a revolution in Video camera technology.

It started when Canon instantly made most video cameras redundant with their advanced Canon EOS range.


Because the Canon EOS picture quality looks like something out of a movie, and overwhelmingly beats existing old-tech cameras costing 2 or 3 times more.

The Canon EOS introduces a new generation of 35mm cameras that take both stills and video

I’ll just repeat that. The Canon 7 is a video camera, as well as a stills camera.

Significantly, the video it films in True 1080 HD.

True 1080n HD looks beautifully shiny and impressive, and as a result, Canon EOS footage looks far better than many cameras costing a lot more.

The Canon EOS also has a range of add-ons for professional audio recording. And a similar range of add-ons for the camera opertor, such as a suite of lenses.

This means you can film to the highest standard – in close-up, or from a distance – from talking head VIP interview, to a long distance shot of your corporate HQ building

In the next few years a year you’ll no doubt see many more cameras like this.

But for now, it’s not’s so well known. But nonetheless you can take advantage of knowing this.

Specify the Canon EOS or similar for your next shoot and be quietly impressed by the upgrade in quality of your corporate video.

A Camera Enhancement that looks like the Movies

Hollywood movies use track & dolly on set – special railway track that the camera rig can glide along to produce unique moving pictures, producing a camera look that normally is only seen in movies or television – and a look you don’t usually see in your average corporate video production.

But now it’s possible.

Portable glide track is now available for almost every corporate video.

It makes ordinary industrial or commercial scenes look impressive, expensive and movie-like.

Specify glide track for your next video production. It shouldn’t cost you a penny more.

Obviously, at Studio Rossiter we have all these improvements, and more.

And we’re glad to make you aware of them, as they won’t add to the price of your next corporate video production.

More corporate video production information is available via the link below:

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