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Q: Hello … I’m developing an 8 page customer newsletter for my client – I would like to see examples of your newsletters preferably ones that are B2B with content mostly to do with engineering matters. I’d also be interested in any other information you can give me on this.

Many thanks for your help.

Communications Company

A: Eight pages is ambitious. You don’t say how often it’s going to be sent out, but I’ll assume monthly.

So try this for size: Newsletters are one of the generically least-read forms of e-communication ever produced.

It’s important to know this right at the start as it’s true.

Once upon a time when the web was younger, we all subscribed left, right and centre to any newsletter that looked interesting on our chosen subject. But now every ice cream van has a newsletter.

The real issues in newsletter production today are threefold.

> to stand out in the crowd so you look great, because people like things that look great.

> to deliver content that people will value, in packages that are not too much, and not too little.

> to be able to produce a regular newsletter comfortably and easily, without involving masses of resources and cost

This is a tall order. But if it’s done right, there’s no reason why a company shouldn’t be able to increase it’s sales by 15% with a great newsletter.

15% you say? So prove it!

Well, here are some benefits. They might not all be relevant, but they’re certainly worth a look:

> Increase sales by 15% for a relatively small additional cost

> Generate hundreds or thousands of customer touch points every month – again for low cost

> Reduce expensive sales visits where the customer is interested, but not ready to buy

> Add value to expensive telesales calls so that every call is worth more to you

> Generate a massive increase in brand awareness of the company

> Raise sales morale by making telesales calls and sales visits more effective

> Develop more proactive champions in prospect companies

Think about it. Hundreds or thousands of high quality messages going out every month, full of stories, case studies, offers & incentives.

A World-Beating Newsletter will achieve some or all of the above for you.

I’m not going to say too much more now, except to drop a big hint that at Studio Rossiter we’re developing new software that will automate the process of sending out a great quality newsletter every month, rather than it being a labour-intensive chore.

And remember we’re not talking about an iddy-biddy newsletter here, but something that will be absolutely world class. And that’s all I’m prepared to say today – hush, hush and strictly on the QT.

A great B2B Newsletter can be … dare I say it .. a gold mine to the right company.

© Studio Rossiter

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