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We all love Infographic videos – here’s how to get it right:

1 Style

Use simple graphics, simple colours & keep to one font style

> Don’t use lots of different textures & styles – it ends up looking messy

2 Good Data

Have a good data basis – with less theory and more facts where possible

> Don’t try to convey too much information

> It’s so easy to overload the audience with over-dense Infographic videos

3 Visuals

Find interesting & different ways of presenting data – aim for a good visual mix

> All pie charts or all bar charts is dull

4 Story

Have a point or conclusion – tell a story with real world context

> An endless series of facts will lead to video abandonment

5 Runtime

Runtime? Some say a minute is enough!

> Do not make a 5-10 minute epic disaster

6 Pace

Keep the pace smooth flowing

> Don’t be recklessly driven by a speedy soundtrack – be cool, calm & collected

7 Effects

Avoid too many whizzy effects to distract

> Your video editor might like them, but your audience will quickly tire

8 Music

Don’t forget to use a memorable soundtrack

> Have them go away whistling the tune – then they’ll remember your content


Look here for some great infographic video samples



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