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People tend to freeze when they’re on camera.

Often they forget their lines.

Even if they don’t freeze, they often feel their performance was below par – or a bit waffly – or too “tight-looking”.

This can apply to very experienced, senior people – like a CEO – as easily as the average person-in-the-street.

Here’s a chunk from the Studio Rossiter proven Talking Heads video production process, which is designed to minimise these problems at every stage.

We aim for the Perfect Take

Here’s how it’s done:

1: VIP / CEO / Director speeches are scripted in advance so all spoken content is agreed prior to shoot.

2: A teleprompt is provided so the VIPs can read – rather than be obliged to remember a script, or take a risk by ad-libbing (which usually results in lots of unwanted ums and ahs and hesitations).

3: An experienced Director relaxes the VIP, personally coaching them. It usually requires around 5 full takes to get “the perfect take” (on occasion, it can take 12 takes)

By “perfect take”, we mean:

– good body language

– expressive gestures

– smooth, fluent delivery

4: We also advise using Cool Lights so the VIP doesn’t get a shiny brow from standing under 1000kw video bulbs.

The Perfect Take process doesn’t end there:

5: A green screen background is used, so the Subject can be dubbed to appear against a corporately-styled graphic backdrop.

6: The Subject is cosmeticised in post production to look younger & slimmer, with face features slightly smoothed, teeth whitened etc for a better appearance on video.

7: Animated captions & charts are used to emphasise and support what the Subject is saying, creating an altogether more dynamic corporate presentation.

More info is available here

Taking all the above together is how we produce the Perfect Take for your CEO’s next video.

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