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7 Ways To Get B2B Videos Right

1. Differentiate

In a global marketplace, everyone starts to look the same. Me-too doesn't make you attractive to buyers. Differentiating yourself also helps to attract and acquire the customers you want and to keep you away from price war battlegrounds occupied by lower quality competitors. EXAMPLE:

2. Don't boast

Business-to-business purchases start with fact finding, so support your claims with hard evidence. B2B buyers are doing more research than ever before and for purchases over £6000, they now review more than four pieces of content from two or more suppliers before making a buying decision. EXAMPLE:

3. Sell long viewing time

If your video is more than two minutes, within the first 30 seconds you need to explain why the viewer needs to see all of it. Get right to the point. Don't ramble. Then, if they do leave after 30 seconds, at least they know what you had to offer. You'll be remembered. EXAMPLE:

4. Spend the maximum you can afford.

Every penny you spend buys production time and expertise, so never cut corners to save money. Quality will be compromised. Remember, your potential customer will judge the quality of your video before you get to meet them in person. It's your calling card. EXAMPLE:

5. Properly optimise for SEO

A video is many times more likely to show up on the front page of Google or other search engines if it has been optimised for SEO. Video SEO is a simple process with big potential rewards. EXAMPLE:

6. Start with the script

Forget visuals until you have a perfectly scripted message. Most people get this wrong. Many have lots of pictures in their mind and think they need to put them in their video. And with regard to scripts, please don't try to write it yourself. Use a video professional who knows what makes your audience tick. EXAMPLE:

7. Refresh regularly

Everything dates: customer data, sales messages, industry information, legislation, so your video content and delivery channels needs to be reviewed as part of a marketing strategy. The answer to the question, "Where do I want us to be in five years?" needs to embrace video as a key business driver.

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