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Animated video opens whole new avenues for marketers looking for new solutions.

Clients come to us with a whole host of reasons why they need an animated web video for their website.

And the beauty of animation is that it's flexible enough to adapt to almost all of these reasons.

So if you're struggling to find the right solution for your next B2B marketing video - here's 7 ways that animation is here to help!


1. An explainer - For when you need to educate your audience

This is probably obvious to most of you, but it's a point worth saying.

For someone to buy your product or take on your services

- first they need to understand what you do.

By allowing your audience to understand your product and it's benefits, you'll stand a much higher chance of them becoming a customer.

This 'educating the viewer' is the sole purpose of animated explainer videos.

So remember the ancient mantra 'Tell not sell!'


2. To look different from the crowd

The world of animated web videos and motion graphics is still relatively new and up-and-coming.

So the chances are that your competition might not have considered using animation for their next video.

By adopting animation now, it could be one way of differentiating yourself, and making sure that you stay ahead of the game!


3. To illustrate a process

There are 3 recurring issues when using traditional video to illustrate a process:

1. There might not be a physical process to film - ie data transfer

2. The high costs of the shoot and crew hire can be huge- especially if you are based in a remote location

3. You need to film in a dangerous environment - ie inside gas pipes or even in outer space.

An animated video, such as an infographic video, can bypass all of these issues by replacing footage with motion graphics.

So there's no need to put cast and crew inside a live volcano.

You don't need to pay $$$ to have your film made.

And the film you thought couldn't be made!? - that can be done with animation.



4. Product promotion

If you have a product that you are about to launch, and you're looking to make a storm on Facebook and Youtube - then it's not enough to just tell the world what it is.

You need to make it look good to!

Including motion graphics into your web video can give your product promotion the jaw dropping edge that you need.


5. Your physical premises don't look especially good

What ever the reason for you not wanting your premises to be filmed


- you don't want the competition to see exactly how you run the show

- all of your staff are constantly covered in mud or oil

- your HQ is currently the garden shed!!

The reasoning behind your decision not to film your building is your prerogative - but the good news is that with animation, scenes can be developed to show as little or as much as you like!


6. When you need a friendly approach

It could be that your story has a hard edge to it, and you need to find some way of softening the blow for your viewers.

By sticking a presenter in front of a camera, you could be unwittingly isolating a large portion of your target audience.


Using an older, wiser presenter may isolate your younger audience - and vise versa

But by using an animated character in place of the presenter, the human edge has been eliminated - so you are free to talk to your audience as a whole.

7. When you need foreign language versions

If you know that you're going to need your video in a few languages, there are options on the table for you to choose from - but which is best for you?

> Make the video in your 1st language and use subcaptions

This is the cheap option and it'll look cheap.

It's an obvious work around.

Subsequent languages will know that the video has not been made for them.

> Make the video 'from fresh' for every language

Although this might sound like the perfect solution - as your video will be perfect in every language - the cost of this would be staggering

> Overdub foreign language voiceover for video

When overdubbing video, the same problems arise as with subcaptioning.

ie your foreign language audience will see that the voice has been replaced - and the video was developed for another audience.

> Foreign Language Character Animation

As this is animation, every time you develop your video for a new language, you can sync the animated characters mouth movements to fit!

If this is paired up with changing on screen text to the local language

- the end result is a perfectly localised video, tailored to any language.


So there you have 7 B2B marketing problems solved with animated web video.

Hopefully now you'll be able to take the issues you're facing with your next B2B marketing video and see if they can be overcome by using animation.

But if you still need a bit of inspiration, why not check out the Studio Rossiter Animated video production page

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