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(and what clients should assess before hiring one)

Before hiring a video producer, or if you work in video production, please consider these points carefully.

A recent US national survey revealed that 60% of video businesses fail within four years. This list reveals why this happens and what risks customers face when choosing a supplier.

With 25 years in video production across a range of industries and countries, we know what it takes to survive, succeed and flourish.


Marketing issues – it’s all about reputation

Can’t find new business
Not a large enough portfolio to win business
Not versatile enough
Only stick to one niche
Try to succeed in too many niches
Undercharge to win business
Can’t travel far enough
Not enough work to build skills
Not enough industry insight
Not enough business insight
Don’t get much repeat business
Company lacks credibility
Not enough business to survive
Too reliant on one or two clients
Attract the wrong kind of customers
Take too long to build a reputation

Cost issues – getting the equation right

Can’t estimate real costs and under-quote
Overheads too high
Drawing salaries that are too big
Servicing endless big overdrafts
Not enough capital to expand
Not enough space to expand
Can’t collect payment quickly
Deliver jobs late
Deliver jobs over budget

Management issues – teamwork is key

Too many promises and not enough effective delivery
Can’t engage with the client’s team
Can’t keep track when several jobs come in at once
Do a lot of travelling and get worn out
Can’t build and keep a team
Spend too much time selling and not enough time making
Spend too much time making and not enough time marketing
Poor time management
Poorly organised
Find managing people difficult

Video issues – live and die by results

Can’t deliver high quality
Can only make one style of video
Don’t have the right mix of skills in the company
Often stray from the brief
Don’t get a clear client brief in the first place
Can’t write scripts
Can be bullied by the customer
Clients not delighted with end result
Videos don’t make clients money
Don’t invest in better equipment
Don’t have enough contacts in video industry
Don’t keep pace with technology improvements

Human issues – happiness equals longevity

Can’t convince senior executives
Not enough drive and stamina
No-one to support you when things go wrong
Not persuasive
Not good at facing the customer
Not enough conviction and persistence
Can’t sell
Lack self confidence
Too lazy

Why pick Studio Rossiter

After 25 years of non-stop corporate video production, we’ve produced over 1,000 videos for 250 clients worldwide in most major languages.

We are able to self-finance all upgrading, expansion and specialist staff training.

We professionally project-manage every production.

Most of all, we deliver Certainty.


For the best industry advice on your next video project, call Kevin Rossiter 0846 366 4131 or complete our contact form.

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