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If the customer can't differentiate between you and your competitors' marketing propositions then you might as well give up.

Is this a bit strong?

I don't think so.

Because if there's no clear difference then the only difference is price

- and that means whatever you're selling is reduced to the level of a commodity where price is the only differentiator.

This is a bit like the problem that milk suppliers have with supermarkets today, where all milk is seen as the same, and the price is the only difference. It's driving them all out of business.


When does video make a difference

There are two main stages in the buying cycle when differentiation really matters:

1 - On first contact when the customer first sees your website. Typically they'll have 4 or 6 tabs open with suppliers similar to you.

If your video message doesn't leap out and shout "we're different" then you massively reduce your chances of winning the lead or the sale.

2 - Late in the buying cycle when customers have narrowed their prospective suppliers down to 2 or 3 who are tendering. Small differences can matter here. And the the more similar the competing tender propositions are, the more these small differences matter.

The take-home here is - if your deals are of high enough value - then have a late sale Differentiator video ready to show. Companies do this, but they're not shouting about it. Would you?!


The added-value solution

Marketing managers are extremely sensitive to being seen as the same as their competitors, quickly pointing to the myriad of added-value features they include in their propositions.

All good and true.

It's how video can bring out this added-valueness that makes the difference.

And one way this happens is through the large number of visual routes video offers that will bring out the difference.


6 ways to make your marketing video look different

This list is by no means exhaustive or even conclusive. But it'll hopefully get you thinking about how you can look & feel different in a crowded marketplace.

1 - if they're using talking heads of VIPs and Directors, then you use a professional presenter instead - and vice versa.

2 - if they're filming their process and operation, then you can use animated graphics to show yours - and vice versa.

3 - if their video is relatively colourless, then fill your video full of colour - and vice versa

4 - if they're using digital footage, like library footage with managers and teams, and so on - then hit back with animated characters - and vice versa.

5 - If their voiceover is a younger female, then use an older male - and vice versa

6 - If their footage looks quite "static", then respond with video using nothing but moving cameras, like motorised glide track or steadicam.




With customers having 6 tabs open, you need to stand out - and fast

Differentiation counts most right at the beginning, and right at the end of the sales cycle.

Look visually different in your video. Pick a new style that stands out.

The look & feel of your marketing video has to give your proposition an edge. There are at least 6 ways to achieve this.



Does your marketing video stand out?


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