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As a marketing or sales manager, you’ve probably gone to a lot of trouble to produce promotional video for your company sales team.

But how do you know your sales reps are actually using video in the correct way?

It’s a mistake to automatically assume this is being done properly.

1 – Arrive early

If you’re using the client’s conference room projector then you’ll need to be early to plug your laptop or tablet into the client projector.

This is never quite as simple as it sounds, as connectors and projectors vary.

Some have high quality hdmi connections, while others still use a VGA connector, or maybe even a mini USB.

Find out what’s available in advance, and arrive a few minutes early to hook up.

Then you avoid looking awkward in the front of the client while trying to make a connection.

Or perhaps you’re streaming the video direct to your laptop from your company website or youtube?

Then you’ll need to know the client’s guest wifi login.

This always takes a few minutes to set up.

Either way, it pays to arrive early and ensure the technical setup is perfect.

2 – Playback video on the biggest screen you can

It’s easier to play back your company video from a file on a laptop.

But playback from a big screen is always more impactful.

Bigger is always better.

So find out in advance if a big screen is available, then use it.

Literally, you’ll make a bigger impression.

3 – Use a bluetooth speaker for better sound quality

There are a lots of small bluetooth speakers on the market, ranging from £50 for a cheap but effective unit, right through to a near hifi unit costing £200.

Having better sound makes all the difference.

Bass energy comes through.

Carefully scored audio tracks sound more like the cinema.

The whole soundtrack becomes more thrilling.

So don’t skimp on sound quality.

Buy a small bluetooth speaker until, and be heard loud & clear.

4 – Plan in advance which videos to play and when

It’s often a good idea to start the meeting with a promotional video to show your company scope & capability, or highlight a strategic product.

This saves time and gets everybody in the client audience up to speed on who you are, and why you’re there

– in the shortest possible time.

But whatever the situation, don’t leave the video elements of your presentation to chance.

Plan ahead. It only takes a minute to think through.

5 – Don’t interrupt the video presentation

Many reps have a bad habit of talking over the top of the video

– or adding comments during playback.

This is not smart.

The sales rep or business development manager should click to play the video

– then shut up.

Let the video do its work.

If the client looks uncomfortable, fidgety or irritable during playback

– ignore this.

Just let the video do its job of explaining this key part of the presentation in its perfect, repeatable and impactful way.

If the client is interrupting, then politely ignore it.

Only stop the video if you really must.

If someone comes in late to the meeting, maybe consider playing the video back from the beginning, if that person is important to the sales decision.

But mostly – just let the video do its job, and don’t interrupt.

6 – Plan your questions to ask after the video

Any well-produced corporate video is stimulating for a client to watch.

It may well leave the client full of questions.

So as soon as the video has finished, be ready with your own prompts or questions to catch this precious moment.

A good video always promotes questions from real customers – so plan ahead for this.


If you like these 6 tips, then arrange to explain them at your next meeting with your company sales team.

Don’t assume that giving the sales team a company video is all that’s needed.

Teach them how to properly deploy video in presentations.

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