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Last week I gave you 4 reasons why web video boosts inbound marketing.

Want to know the other two?

A web video will improve your SEO

A web video can help optimise your your website.

What does this mean?

Well – when they are scanning your website – search engines like Google and Yahoo look for things like:

> Content

> Relevance

> A Sitemap

> And listed media within that sitemap

A properly keyworded web video will help with this.

In fact – according to a 2010 study by Forrester Research – a web video can improve your chances of having a first page Google ranking by up to 50 times!

I wonder what a 2012 study would show?

Smartphone users watch web video

And they will watch it – according to Web Video University – for 2.5 times longer than those using a desktop PC.

So anybody who has an IPhone, an Android phone, a Windows phone or a Blackberry has the capability – and willingness – to watch your web video in its entirety.

Whenever they like and wherever they may be!

The supply of readily available information is the new consumer boom.

Just think of how many people own a smartphone – and how many of these people use their smartphones on a regular basis.

This is how people will find you in the future.

6 reasons why web video boosts inbound marketing

As a list:

> For traditional outbound marketing – the cost per lead is high

> A web video will bring in a measurable amount of new business

> TV marketing no longer works

> More and more consumers are doing their shopping online

> A web video will improve your SEO

> Smartphone users watch web video

The modern consumer no longer reacts to push marketing – they know what they want and they know how to look for it.

A web video will help them find you – and not one of your competitors.

Click here for more on how a web video can help you with inbound marketing.

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