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By inbound marketing, I mean ‘pull marketing’.

– i.e when the customer finds you by typing what they want into a search engine.

As opposed to outbound marketing, otherwise known as ‘push marketing’

– i.e when you try to tell the customer what they want by launching a multi-platform marketing campaign.

But you already know this.

So, here are the first 4 reasons why web video is a must for inbound marketing.

You’ll get the other 2 next week 😉

For traditional outbound marketing – the cost per lead is high

Outbound marketing needs an external platform – one that your company will probably have to outsource.

Platforms like:

> Television

> Print – like newspapers, mailshots or marketing

> Radio

> Posters

All of these options are expensive – and they don’t bring in the same amount of business that a web video does.

A web video will bring in a measurable amount of new business

Your web video will be being watched by somebody who looked for it – or at least somebody who is interested in what it has to offer.

If the customer likes your web video then they’re going to explore other parts of your site.

Having a web video is a great way to reduce your bounce rate – the viewer will want to see more than just your homepage.

TV marketing no longer works

The viewer of 2012 no longer bothers with watching the adverts.

This is because all modern digital receivership systems – from Freeview to Sky+ – offer a recording facility.

Not to mention TV on demand.

Most viewers simply fast forward the adverts – and those that don’t make a cup of tea!

More and more consumers are doing their shopping online

According to The Guardian – web based purchases went up by 25% between the years 2010 and 2011.

The internet has become the all-in-one retail portal for both buyers and sellers alike.

People use it to

> find what they want

> and find out what they want!

Every business – whether large or small – needs to have a marketing presence on the web.

The best way to get this is through a web video – ideally one on your homepage and one that is spread around sites like YouTube.

Come back next week for part 2!

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