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Technology vendors can range from smaller systems companies to larger global infrastructure suppliers, plus software developers of all sizes, and every combination in between – from launching an app on a tablet, to launching a communications satellite into space.

Yet for the technology buyer, implementing a new system is always fraught with risk.

We know from established marketing studies on attitudes to buying innovation that at least ½ of buyers are risk-averse, while only 15% are Early Adopters prepared to take a chance.

Here’s just a few reasons:

> it’s all exciting & new, but may still be secretly a bit buggy in some environments

> people might understand the benefits of a technology – but don’t understand properly how it actually works.

> the cost of ownership is much more than just money. There’s often a painful teething period which can disrupt a business.

> it can be hard to choose between competing systems & suppliers, eg, older systems are safer, but newer systems look better. Which do I pick?

> it’s hard to get out of a contract once a technology has been implemented. There’s no escape clause from the reality of an unwise choice.

Fortunately, video can go some way to resolving these issues.

At the same time it can eliminate the excuses indecisive buyers make to stall on new contracts.

Here’s how.

Reason 1

Technology is often invisible.

Mostly it’s just “black boxes & screens”.

Animated graphics in video makes light work of explaining core technology principles, bringing black boxes to life that makes them seem more familiar and less threatening.

The same applies to networks. They aren’t easily seen – but they affect everyone.

Video makes technology visible & approachable, and this is a big comfort factor for nervous or indecisive buyers.

Reason 2

Technology benefits needs more emphasis.

The performance benefits & deliverables that clients gain from employing a technology system can often sound unimpressive when said as mere words.

eg, a claim of “45% throughput improvement” sounds pretty dry, even though it may be a significant performance leap.

A dynamic graphic chart gives weight to claims, making everything clearer and more obvious for users to appreciate.

Remember: It’s always easier for a buyer to say no. They need to be really certain in order to say yes.

Reason 3

It’s often the Difference that wins the sale

I often see technologists marketing themselves with great accent on benefits.

But often these benefits apply almost equally well to competitors.

This me-too marketing approach pleases everybody, but wins little.

Video can sharply highlight the differences between you and similar offerings in the market.

Differentiators might include:

> genuinely flexible implementation & in-depth support

> a track record that beats all comers

> no bugs. Fact.

We see our technology customers increasingly looking to produce a separate video just to make the case for Differentiation.

This is smart, as it helps make the nervous client’s decision easier.

Reason 4

People have a love-hate relationship with technology companies.

We all love technology when it works.

And it drives us crazy when it doesn’t work.

A video can position a technology vendor as a strong, capable & reliable partner far more impactfully than talking about it ever can.

This matters to technology companies, as they are always a risk.

The risk can mitigated by using video to drive home your reliability & strength.

Reason 5

Where you live matters

Western technology companies are broadly perceived as good but expensive

By contrast, Asian technologists are seen as cheaper but riskier.

Neither is true.

But it’s still a commonly held belief.

Wherever you live in the World, your location needs explaining properly.

Animated maps are a big help here, as they emphasise size and scale, and tend to minimise where you actually come from.

Video can provide technology buyers with easy-to-remember, take-home messages that put your location into a truer perspective.

Remember: You cannot hide where you live – so present this in its best light.

Reason 6

People don’t trust technology

Well, they do trust technology. We all do.

But implementing a new technology system is scary for many buyers.

So Case Study Testimonial videos can work wonders for nervous buyers.

After all, many buyers are often time-served managers who are risk averse.

Showing them a Case Study video, with intelligent users and expert comment can go a long way to providing the reassurance and understanding that is needed to 100% seal the deal.


Use video power to pitch your message by:

> explaining how your technology works

> bringing the benefits meaningfully to life

> selling the difference and not simply the benefits

> using your location as an advantage, and overcoming pre-existing, often mistaken attitudes

> using Case Study video to prove how safe a bet you are

Technology buyers are risk-averse, and using technology video will help you overcome these barriers.

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